Why start blogging?

Why have I decided to start a blog?

I recently took a class on how to Use Social Media to Market Your Business. One of the things suggested was to start a blog and link it to the other types of social networking sites your business used. So is that why I did this? No, not really. But it did give me the impetus to finally decide to try blogging.

I had considered starting a blog. An anonymous one, talking about all the funny, annoying things that my clients do. But I can’t do that, it just seems wrong to me. There is a trust, an unspoken agreement of confidentiality that I would never betray. I am privy to a lot of personal information – joy, pain, fear, dreams, anxiety –  I can’t and won’t betray that.

So does that mean I’ll never tell you about the crazy, insane, bat-shit things my clients have done? Oh like hell I will! I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I have a lot of stories! Besides many of the things I’ve seen and heard can be told in a way that won’t reveal any one’s identity.

Do I think this blog will help or improve my business? No. Actually I am aware it could completely backfire and hurt it. I live and grew up in this small town; if you have every lived in a little town you know exactly what I am referring to. People talk, they gossip, and the hottest gossip in town is the personal, malicious kind. One of the ways I have learned to handle this is by not caring or worrying about what people say. I do what I think is right and hope when the dust settles I come out in one piece. I sure as hell hope I don’t regret doing this. And I know some people (I can see them wrinkling their noses in disdain now) will think that me airing my personal feelings and thoughts here is pathetic.

I’m doing this because I hope it is fun. I can entertain people, meet and connect with people that I would otherwise not. In a way this is what I do all day anyways, I talk to people, get to know them and tell them about myself. In the grandest of scenarios I find and create another community of friends that can support and help me grow. Maybe that sounds corny and you think I’m crazy -I am- but that is what I want and I’m going to give it a shot. What’s the worst that can happen???