Why did I name my blog this?

Why did I name my blog ephemeral filaments?

I was messing around with a dictionary, thesaurus and a random word generator. This combination appealed to me because it is open to so many interpretations ~ kind of like me, my moods, my sense of humor and it could mean many things to me – or you. I like that idea. I love words, the way they can be combined and how they can inspire a feeling or conjure an image and that it can be so diverse from one person to another.

I’m a hairstylist and a hair style can altered so easily, a dab of gel, a swipe of pomade or a shake of powder and it goes from flirty and feminine to androgynous or masculine. Cutting, coloring or styling your hair differently can change you and how the world perceives you.

The things that bind or tie you to a place, person or ideology are really all in your mind. They can disintegrate with the slightest of breeze. The world we live in, the things we think of as permanent are only so because we think they are. Everything changes.

Got something to say? Well let's hear it!

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