Waxing Fun!

Body waxing. Yes I do it.

When it was still a fairly novel idea for the regular jane to have someone wax her nether regions I was doing it. I am not and have never purported to be an expert but for a long time I was the only one in town was willing to doing it. I still wax but I no longer do Brazilian waxing, there are other people who will do it and probably do it much better than me. I did it because I was asked and I knew that it was a service that was hard to get in my area. Clients would have to travel a fair distance  to the nearest big city to find someone else who would do it. I never had any problem with it and just thought of it as another service I provided. Many of my waxing clients would be laughing and at ease with me because I was at comfortable doing the service. I have many times helped someone get through their first bikini wax with minimal embarrassment.

But some of the funniest things have happened in the waxing room…….

I remember a young woman coming in to get a wax, her first bikini wax. I know because when she made the appointment I asked and we discussed what to expect. She insisted she wanted a Brazilian wax the first time. Her boyfriend came with her to the salon. I went to take her into the treatment room and she looks at me and says “Do you mind if my boyfriend comes in and watches?” I stared at her and her boyfriend and said “Hell yes, homie don’t do that shit.”

So we go into the treatment room (without the boyfriend who seemed disappointed) and I tell her strip from the waist down and to get on the table. I give her a towel to use for modesty, I find even if I am doing a full wax most people appreciate this. I come back into the room to find her on the table still wearing her underwear and it is some frilly, black, lacy, see-thru number. I just look at her and ask her if she still wants a Brazilian? Yes she assures me. Then you got to take it all off I tell her. I mean really what is she thinking? Boyfriend? Black, lacy thong? Get it together girl!

So I start the wax. This girl has never waxed and had very coarse, thick pubic hair. I know the first wax is the most painful and the coarser the hair the harder it is. I also work back and forth switching sides on a bikini wax. It gives the person a break and if they decide they have had enough halfway through it isn’t a problem. As in half your crotch is bare and the other half is bear! There is a visual for you!

So this girl is pretty hairy and I am really just getting started, I haven’t even got to the place where she needs to be flexible. And she has already started to get a sheen of sweat on her upper lip.

Hey girls a truly bald down there requires you to do some work too, this isn’t a lay back and pretend there isn’t some stranger down there in your stuff. Think about it, I need to get to some fairly tight places with that wax and you want the skin to be as taut as possible when I rip the hair off. I only have two hands, you’re going to have to contort and help if you want this to be as quick and painless as possible. Especially when we get down to working around the backdoor. Another great visual for you! And if you haven’t done it or even thought about  it, totally hair free means just that ~ no hair anywhere and everywhere. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So I am working along and this girl is starting to sweat and grit her teeth. Mind you this is her first wax ever. I get to the point that most people do for a wax, just your basic clean up, no hair will be showing if you are wearing a normal bikini. I look at her and ask “Do you want to continue? Because now we are really going to get down to business.” She stares at me like a deer caught in the headlights. I take pity and tell her this is what most people around here do for their first time. She nods and says “Yeah I think I’m done.” I just smile, but then I just can’t resist and I say “Not as sexy as you thought was it, was it? Aren’t you glad your boyfriend isn’t in here?” She looks sheepish and shakes her head.

I clean her up, give her some aftercare lotion and explain how to take care of her newly bared skin before leaving the room to let her put on that lacy, scratchy looking, undies that she wore. Some people.

2 thoughts on “Waxing Fun!

  1. That is hilarious! I remember my first ever wax was a brazilian but I had been talked into it by a gf/warned well in advance of how much it would hurt – so I was prepared and I’d like to think there was not sweat accumulating on my top lip lol! I was probably crying though! I always wonder what the ladies doing the job are thinking and I often feel insecure, but then I think it’s a job, they’ve seen plenty of lady bits, like my doctor when I go for a pap! Do you have any recommended table talk? I used to go to one girl who was AMAZING, always did a great job, was quick and super friendly without it feeling forced and weird, but I have moved and am going to a new place… I hope they are as good, I’ve had some pretty terrible wax jobs over the years!

    • I talk about everything and anything. Since I work in a small, town I am usually waxing someone I already have a rapport with so I try to get them laughing. I tell them about my misadventures in self waxing.
      I get asked a lot of questions too. About all kinds of things, I guess there is something about having their pants off that makes people feel like talking to me.

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