Oh joy my ex-husband is on Facebook ~yes I was married

So my ex as in ex-husband sent me a friend request on Facebook. Wow, I haven’t seen or talked to him in 25 years. (By the way if he reads this ~ You owe me money.You never paid me for your half of the cost of filing.)

I have no reason to have talked to him. We married young and quickly divorced. By friend requesting me and having open privacy settings I was able to see everything he posted. His mother has 2o cat profile pages, like one for each of her cats?!

He looks pretty good. But then he always did. But do I want to talk to him? I haven’t felt the desire to look him up in the last 25 years, not sure I why I’d want to start now. Hell I know I didn’t want to talk to him. We were young and divorced quickly but it wasn’t pretty, might have been that youth thing. So I did the passive aggressive thing and ignored his friend request. I would occasionally check to see if it was still there and maybe look at his page to see if he had added any new photos. I knew he kept tabs on me because he would sometimes repost something I had shared publicly.

He was listed as in a relationship with some one. (I look better than her, yeah I said that) After a few months his status changed to married and so did his girlfriend’s name. Almost immediately he rescinded his friend request. I’m guessing  she didn’t like the idea that we now shared the same last name.

Yes, I kept his name. It isn’t a really common name like my maiden name was. And it pissed him off at the time of the divorce. Hey, I said it wasn’t a nice one. I even told him at the time that I would keep the name even if I remarried. He was refusing to sign the paperwork, but I was paying for it. So I said fine, don’t sign we’ll stay married, your choice.

I kept the name.I like it but I’m pretty sure that is how he found me on FB.

Most people are shocked to find out I was ever married. I figure done that, been there, got the name to prove it, and don’t need to do it again. But if I do I’m keeping my name!

2 thoughts on “Oh joy my ex-husband is on Facebook ~yes I was married

  1. You mean keeping his name. 😉 You know, usually guys do stupid stuff like trying to “friend” and ex when they still have feelings, and either want to snoop, or rekindle something that was once there. The fact that he got married soon after may mean that he was having cold feet. But, maybe you already suspected that.

  2. After 25 years I figure it is my name, I have used it longer than I was known by my maiden name.
    Actually I never thought about why he contacted me, I just assumed it was because he was fairly new at the FB thing. Well I’ll hope this marriage lasts longer than ours did!

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