I want a change

Client with long, one length, hair to her collar bone,  sits in the chair and says “I want a change. I want to do something different.”

“OK. How about we we bring it up to your shoulders. It will swing, have more movement and still be easy for you to do?” Me

“No I don’t want it to be any shorter.” Client

“OK, then what about some layers to give it some texture and movement?” Me

“No. I don’t want any layers” Client

“Bangs, we could cut in some bangs.” Me

“No. No bangs.” Client

“OK, we’re not changing your haircut. So color? Maybe a few highlights, something subtle so you don’t have the commitment of regular maintenance.” Me

“No I don’t want to color it.” Client

“All right. You don’t want to change your haircut and you don’t want color. That leaves perming.” Me

“No. I’m don’t want to perm my hair.” Client

???!!! Me

“SO ~ You want a change?” Me

“Yes.” Client

“But you don’t want to cut it, color it or perm it?” Me

“Yes.” Client

*sigh* flat deadpan monotone “Then put it up in a ponytail.” Me

Yes this is an actual conversation I had once with a client. But variations of this discussion happen all the time. Hair stylists can only do so much, we can can’t change your life. If you want a change you actually have to be willing and ready to change!

3 thoughts on “Change

  1. Ugh, that would be so annoying! People (mainly women) are so afraid to takes risks, especially with hair. 2-3 inches cut is not a risk. It grows back!

  2. Not to be confused with people that have a hair style that they love and want to maintain. Some clients find a hair cut that really works for them and fits their life and personality.

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