I’m not a junkie

What does this picture make you think? No, I’m not a junkie!

I'm NOT a junkie

This means a new hiking season.

Ha, thanks for thinking that!

It means I’m getting ready for another season of hiking. I live in one of the most amazing areas for hiking. You name it, we got it. River hikes, wildflowers, alpine, easy strolls, long strenuous butt kickers, beach and ocean hikes; it is all within a day’s drive or less. Mostly I do day hikes of somewhere around 5 to 10 miles. Start with the easier lowland river stuff and work up on so when the snows melt my partner and I are ready to go do some high, longer and harder hikes.

But I am a tender foot! Hence the tape to try to prevent blisters and then the syringe is used to drain them without breaking them when I do get them. Then I retape my feet to keep the skin tight while they heal. It actually works really well.

Yeah, I know some people are saying it means I don’t have the right shoe/sock combo for hiking. Oh kiss my ass! I have spent lots of time and money figuring it out. The fact is I have really sweet soft baby feet. (No. I’m not posting a picture of my feet for you weird foot fetish people)  I have good fitting hiking shoes,  really nice wool socks, and synthetic sock liners~ I can’t even tell you how much money I went through to find the best combo. It burns my ass to pay $20+ for a pair of socks! A pair of frickin socks! And until I found the right ones it was like burning money.

So a fresh 4 pack of athletic tape and a couple of insulin syringes means let the fun begin! The ibuprofen is just a given, I don’t do anything in a small way!

I hike with one other person, we are a good team but it is funny to see us together, I’m 5’1″ and he is 6’3″. We look like Mutt and Jeff. He wears neutral colors and I prefer the Sesame Street threw up look. I like to remind him that if we ever need to be rescued they will find us because I practically glow!

Oh and if you see any really good photos on this blog it is because of him. He is one of those photography nuts. I just whip out my cheap point and shoot and aim it in the general direction. Look pretty waterfall,  look pretty flower, yeah let’s go. I’m more likely to be taking pictures of my shoes (shoes are cool!) or the disgusting outhouses at the trail head. I am constantly bouncing around glaring at him because he is taking forever to get some shot.

pretty flower

See pretty flower.

Disgusting outhouse @ Dosewallips

Disgusting outhouse!

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