short hair

Attitude is required to wear short hair. It is everything.

Except for extremely short hair, which I tend to rock about every other summer and I mean one inch or less, short hair isn’t necessarily easier to style than long. Some short styles require a lot of product and a bit of finesse. I remind my clients that having short hair may come with a learning curve to get it right.

And the afore mentioned attitude is needed. If you can’t own it, you can’t wear it. You can have the cutest short haircut that looks fabulous on you but if you don’t feel confident it will never work.

There is no hiding with short hair.  You, your face, your expression, everything is on display. Often people hide behind their long hair, emotionally as well as physically. With short hair you can’t do that. You are putting yourself out there and saying “Look at me!”.

Pixie cut on Emma Watson. And what was she saying? Look at ME!

But it is a myth that it is easier to have short hair. At least at first. Short haircuts often have a lot of texture to them.  To achieve that you have to know how to style it and what products work best for hair. There is no throwing it into a ponytail if your having a bad hair day! It can take some time to figure out how to style a new cut quickly. Less time and more product usually work best.

Short hair can be just as vesitile as long hair if you are willing to shake it up. Smooth, flat and sleek one day. Textured, choppy and standing up the next. Hell switching the side you part it on can totally change the look.

Short with texture and a deep side part.

I routinely change my part. As with most people’s hair my hair lays down better if it goes one way and I get more volume if I part it the other direction. Most people can change their part line, a few unfortunate people have a very strong cowlick or directional way the hair lies.

A lot of people just get used to parting it the same way and never change it. Even just parting it farther over can make a big change. Come on, it is just hair, have some fun!

Try something new!

Deep side part.


I don’t think I could live with anyone again!

I think I have lived alone for too long.

I had my brother over for the weekend to help me out with some house projects. He and I are a lot alike and get along great. I still found it hard to have someone in my space. Granted my house is tiny, but my brother and I are so much alike in our habits and it was still difficult to be around someone all the time. I think I have lived alone for too long. I’m not sure I could adapt to having someone in my space all the time.

I just found it hard to really relax and ignore him in the evenings. It isn’t like he was doing anything annoying but I was conscious of him being there. I found it hard to tune out the TV he was watching and read or answer posts on my blog. Sorry if I seemed a little spazy this weekend, I was. But due to Netflix and my brother I have now seen the first two seasons of Arrested Development. Great that means it will  being getting suggestions for shows like that for the next year! That’s what happened when he watched 30 Rock, and some strange cartoons. I still get suggestions for weird shit because of that. I wish Netflix had a Have Company button so it would stop suggesting I watch adult cartoons!

Cartoons I don’t watch.

The big cut

Every once in a while I get someone that wants to cut all their hair off. Short, really short, chin length or less, a lot less.

Now you might think a hair stylist would just jump at this. Yeah, hang on a minute . How much do you like sobbing tears? Me either.

When I was first starting out I might have jumped but now I ask a few questions. How short is short? Have you gone this short before? Really, when? No in 3rd grade doesn’t exactly count. I am asking a lot of questions, sometimes not so much to get a specific answer as much as I am to get a feel for what this client is thinking. Are they doing this because they expect this haircut to have magical powers to change their life? Are they really ready to cut their hair off, especially if they have  long hair. Are their expectations of what their hair will do and look like realistic?

If I feel like the person is ready and will like (hopefully love) it I will do it and it is a blast. Sometimes they keep it that way for a long time, sometimes for a while and grow it out but rarely do they hate it. And it has been a long time since someone started crying in my chair. Or at least crying because of their haircut.

I have cut women’s hair because of breakups, divorce, new babies, new job and I have cut it off because it was falling out due to chemo.

Some clients I cut their hair off about every four to six months because that is how long they last “growing” it out before they hit the dreaded awkward stage. I have one client that has spent the last 15 years growing her hair out. Even when I occasionally refuse to cut it, to try and get her through that awkward stage she has never even gotten close to getting it much past her chin. Other clients have tried for years to grow it out in different ways and then one day we make it. They have long hair! Some of them love it and others go what the hell was I thinking!?

Do NOT do this to your stylist!

Do not show up 10 minutes late for your appointment and then say I need to be out of here by X time.

If you need to be done early at least have the decency to show up on time.

And try saying “Gee I over scheduled myself could I be done by X time? If you don’t have time to finish styling me that would be OK.” And realise you are still going to be charged the full amount.

I book my haircuts on the hour. You are paying for my time and my skills. If you want to cut that short that’s fine but you are still paying me for my time. This isn’t a Supercuts, my haircuts aren’t ala carte.