I’m psychic, no really.

Some clients think I’m psychic

It should be a compliment, I know, considering most people would be more inclined to think I’m psychotic.

Yes being a hair stylist requires being a little psychic. I have to know what someone wants without them telling me. What they really want, not what they tell me they want. And then I have to convince them that is what they want. I have had clients tell me what they want, bring in a picture even. (Yes, normally I like pictures!) And I know they aren’t going to like it. But they insist and they are SURE that is what they want. So if it is physically possible I do it. (The physically impossible is another story, for another day.)

And they hate it. I just want to say I told you so. But I don’t; well not usually.

You work in this business and you start to get a feel for this. People want something and that hairstyle or color represents it. They think if they can achieve that then something magical will happen. The right hair can change a person, but you can’t make it happen no matter how much you want it to. It won’t make you young , thin or wealthy but if your lucky it will make you happy.

So if your hairdresser balks at doing something maybe you should listen but then again maybe you should get a new hairdresser. We are more likely to be psychotic than psychic!


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