Why I work alone

There are a lot of reasons why I work alone.

I have a lot of reasons I work alone but it hasn’t always been that way. Unfortunately I have had to learn some of these lessons the hard way. You try to do someone a favor and it bites you in the ass.

I have my own space but I only work four days a week. That meant that the space is unused for three days. I knew someone who had been sick and unable to work for a while. Supposedly because of this she was thrown out of the salon she had been at because she was unable to pay her rent during this time. That’s what she told me, of course now I wonder what the other side of this story was.

So I offer to let her use my space on the days that I’m not there. Oh, and this is supposed to be a temporary situation until she can get back on her feet and find a more permanent place. The deal is she pays a minimal amount of rent, provides her own product and cleans up after herself. Two out of three are no problem.

Eighteen months later she has paid her rent on time and in full twice. Once she was even early, something she reminded me of routinely.

So rents due on the first. I hear nothing. I call her or stop by the shop to see how she is doing. Does she mention the rent, which is now overdue? Or say when she is going to pay it? Does she say anything? No. If I don’t specifically ask about it she never brought it up.  Side note: I never asked her about the rent in front of a anyone.

Every month I would have to ask when are you going to pay the rent? It was usually end of the week, or next week or blah, blah, blah. It kept getting later and later. It got to the point that she would pay me the rent right before the next month was due.

And then it got to where now she owed me two months rent.

It really is the principle of the thing. Yeah the rent was minimal but she would never say “I know I owe you and I’ll pay you on X day.”  I always had  to ask.

So I wait until she is alone and I go to talk to her. I say “You know now you owe me two months rent. Is there a problem? Something I should know about?” And she looses it on me. I kid you not. She goes off about how I’m always harassing her about the rent and can’t I just get off her back. Things are tough and I’m just so inconsiderate for asking when I’m going to get paid. She is vehement, she is practically spitting as she goes off on me.

I’m in shock. Are you kidding me? I just stare at her, say nothing, turn and walk out. I can not believe what I just witnessed. She has gone too far. I’d been warned that she would do this.

So I wait to the end of the day. I go in as she is finishing up her last client in my shop and say “Hey when you’re done I need to talk to you.”

She gets done and the client leaves. I look at her and and say “This is over. You are done here. Please gather up all your stuff and give me the keys.” She starts to say something about having a bad day or some shit. Not “I’m sorry”, because it is never her fault. I just cut her off, I am so angry. I’m a bitch because I asked for the rent that is now two months over due and her excuse when I call her on her shit is I’m having a bad day? Yeah you are and it just got worse honey.

A couple of months later she paid me the money she owed me. Slide it under the door with a note that it was the rent. Oh and she was going around telling everyone I was a crazy bitch and kicked her out without any notice. Hmm, same story she told me about the place she worked before.

At least she paid her rent, even if it was over three months late.

2 thoughts on “Why I work alone

  1. I am sorry you have had your own “tree falling” to deal with. But don’t give up being kind because somebody took advantage of you. Without kindness, the sun might as well not shine.

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