Some days are like that

Some days are cookie days.

It isn’t a bad day put I sure have been craving pizza today. I need to invite my brother over to help me out around the house because then I’ll have a good excuse for ordering a pizza. If I get one by myself I will eat it ~ all. It is so much easier to resist if someone is watching. Otherwise I just keep meandering by and having another bite and before I know it the entire thing is gone and I feel a little bit sick. It is embarrassing to think I can finish off an entire pizza by myself, at least when no one is looking. Willpower has nothing on pizza and chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Some days are like that

    • I love pizza from a small local place. I have no self control and think this is kind of funny because I never was a big fan until I became an adult. My brother just knows that is one of the things I will be feeding him when he comes to help!

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