I almost missed it

Today was a significant day and I almost missed it!

Today’s bike ride in the valley.

I rode my bike down the valley today. It is a nice ride, easy rolling hills through the farms. Not a particularly difficult ride. That is what makes it so significant!


My bike “Brutus”

I bought my bike a year ago. I hadn’t ridden a bike in over twenty years. So I bought a bike and set up some goals for myself. I wanted to make it up this one big hill without stopping, I wanted to be able to commute to work and I wanted to be able to ride twenty miles easily.

Well I routinely go up that hill as it is part of my ride to work. It is just over eight miles to work and last summer I rode at least twice a week instead of driving. The weather is good enough to start commuting again. Yes, I am a fair weather biker. I don’t mind walking in the rain and the wind, actually I kind of enjoy it. Thank god or I’d never get any exercise in the winter, but I don’t really enjoy riding in that crud. But I digress.

Today I was tired but had been looking forward to riding this weekend so I got  on Brutus this evening and rode out the valley and back. The ride was peaceful and easy. And that is when it hit me, a twenty mile bike ride was easy now! I didn’t even think twice about it.

I have met my goals that I set for myself and I almost missed it. Time to set some new goals!


My bike shoes. Gotta have the shoe shot.

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