My Boys of Summer

My Children are furry and four legged.

I have dogs.

I prefer dogs over cats. You die a dog will protect your body, a cat will eat you.

My boys!

This is what a dog’s tail looks like.

My dog’s tail.

How can you not look at this and laugh?! One boy’s tail flaps back and forth like a windshield wiper and the others whirls around like a helicopter blade. Life is better with dogs.

7 thoughts on “My Boys of Summer

    • Luckily my Shar-Peis do better without being bathed a lot. Good thing because I hate doing it and they hate having it done. My house probably smells of “dog” but my friends are too kind to say so.

      • HA!
        Yeah, my little one is a former stray – so let me say that he ROLLS in some pretty disgusting stuff… and THEN wants to snuggle. BLECH!

        I try to stretch it to 2 weeks in between baths – BUT sometimes he just gets NASTY. Thank goodness he is small, light and has short stubby legs – he stands no chance of getting away from me at bath-time. 🙂

  1. DraconianStylist,
    Those ARE Shar-Peis… Very happy shar-peis it seems too… If I lived in the country, and not in a small apartment in the city, I’d have myself a few Mastiff. That’s right. Hear that kids? Better be nice or Clown Dad will replace you with dogs.
    Le Clown

    • I had considered Mastiffs, they are very similar in personality but before you replace the kids with them consider the amount of food a Mastiff eats. At least until TWP becomes a teenager it is cheaper to feed him.

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