Do you have ADD?

Yes I asked a client this today. “Do you have ADD?”

Seriously I have never had an adult that was so twitchy. If she had scratches or been missing some teeth I would have thought she was a tweeker. I have five year olds that can sit still better than she could.

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She is over the age of sixty and while reclining in the shampoo bowl lifts her foot up above her waist and starts to fiddle with her sandal. Kudos for being that flexible at her age. This was only the beginning. She was twitching and squirming and flipping the cape around. Her head was turning and bobbing around like crazy. I had to keep stopping because cutting hair like that is like shooting at a moving target. I was afraid I was going cut myself or to poke her eye out.

At the rate we were moving I was never going to get this haircut done. About the time I was  thinking about poking her eye out in frustration, I stopped, took a deep breath  and asked “Do you have ADD?”

“No. Why?” she replied. I looked at her and said  “I have never had anyone move around so much while getting their haircut. Is there something wrong?”

“No, I just have a hard time sitting still.” Client

“OK, well I need you to try to, so that I can cut your hair.” Me

“Oh. OK” Client

And after that it was fine. She quit squirming and twitching.

I get all kinds but this was a new one even for me. But I must confess I was impressed with all the contortions she was able to do in the shampoo chair.


2 thoughts on “Do you have ADD?

  1. I have a hard time sitting still, BUT i know enough that when someone is wielding sharp objects near me… that I should probably try my hardest to do so….

    • Especially if I am your stylist!
      What really gets to me is clients moving in the shampoo bowl, or trying to help by lifting their heads up suddenly, and then being annoyed when they get their backs wet. An experienced stylist will guide your head if it is needed, don’t make any sudden or fast moves unless you want a bath.

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