Hiking again

I went hiking again. Amazing how much can change in a few years.

If you had told me a couple of years I would willingly get up early (OK early is relative and so is the willing part), tape my feet, drive for over an hour and haul my ass up the side of a mountain just for the hell of it and a peanut butter sandwich; I would have told you, you were nuts. A few years ago I weighed forty pounds more and had no desire to hike up mountains. Now I do it just to see if I can, and for the peanut butter sandwich. Yeah, I have a bit of an obsession with peanut butter, and pizza, and chocolate.

But that is what I did on Saturday. And I did it for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the ability to brag that I did it. That ~ and it was beautiful.

My hiking partner at the top. He is staring at me because I’m making hand signs and he thinks I want him to get out of my shot.

This is the top of Mount Townsend, supposed to have some of the best views of the Puget Sound when it is clear. Well we got up there just in time to watch the clouds roll over the peaks, which is fine with me. I find it astounding to be sitting on a rock up high enough to watch the weather move below or beside you. The mist creeps by in smokey wisps, slowly filling the valleys between the hills below. OK, a bit of bad poetic prose there but this is the shit that makes people try to write poetry.

Pictures of some of the wildflowers. I have no idea what they are, I never take the guide book and am too lazy to look them up afterwards. Sometimes my partner knows what they are, but sometimes I think he just makes names up?! Hell he knows I probably won’t look it up and half the time I forget what he said they were and when I ask again I’m almost certain he tells me something different just to screw with me.


Just over four miles to the top (6280 ft) and just under a three thousand foot elevation change from the trail head. The last trip report from a few weeks ago said there was some snow at the top. I figured by now it would have melted. They god damned LIED! There was a butt load of snow up there, the last mile was nasty, melting, icy snow. Anywhere from a few inches to a few damn feet of snow! I hate snow and I hate hiking in it.

Waterproof shoes. Thank god I wore them! More shoe pictures. I have a shoe thing too.

But in spite of the snow it was an amazing hike. We didn’t get rained on.

If you don’t do something around here cause you think it might rain you will never get anything done. Rain is always possible and probable.

So that is what I did this weekend. And I will continue to do this through the summer.

And I will do this so that I can eat all the peanut butter and pizza I want!

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