Summer Blockbuster Movie

I rarely do the summer movies, but I’m making an exception.

Prometheus poster

But I am going to see Prometheus this week. I have already read the reviews and don’t care that they are so so. It is a Ridley Scott movie so I am going. That and my local theater is an experience in itself.

I am fortunate that this theater owner is a real movie buff and chooses to often have critically acclaimed movies over big picture schlock. That is not to say that he doesn’t show the more mainstream movies too, but you are just as likely to have a European sub-titled movie or a thought provoking documentary playing at the same time. I know I sound like a movie snob. Well yes and no. If I am going to pay to see a movie in the theater I really want to enjoy it and that usually means a movie that makes me think. I find happy, schleppy movies that wrap it up all with a bow to be boring. I prefer a movie that has the decency to let me come to my own conclusions. But at home streaming on the laptop that is when I watch movies that don’t require my full attention, most likely I will be doing two or three other things anyways.

Oh, and the popcorn is popped fresh, the butter is real and they have a condiment bar for your popcorn that has everything from Thai spices, Parmesan cheese, brewers yeast, soy sauce, to a local restaurant’s spice mix.

I am going to see a summer movie and I am looking forward to it. Noomi Rapace, the original Lisbeth Salander and Idris Elba from the series Luther are both in it. I love Ridley Scott’s storytelling and visual style and what I have seen of the special effects it should be a fun evening.

2 thoughts on “Summer Blockbuster Movie

  1. Luther! (but pretend I’m yelling it in a British accent) God I love that show, but I need to see the new season. Oh and yes, I also want to catch this flick.

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