2 thoughts on “I try to live a life without regrets

  1. Thats like the old saying about how “its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven’t done”. I don’t regret having not done many things when I had the chance; i.e. bashing the dimwit in line ahead of me at the store today who was in a heated five minute debacle with the clerk over a 45 cent sale price differential on a box of cupcakes. I imagine had I assaulted the idiot with my two liter soda bottle I would have regretted it. If not immediately than at least when the police arrived. But not as much as I regretted not having just gone to a different store at the time. Now that kind of regret is a real pisser.

  2. Must always balance immediate gratification with long term regrets. I may or may not have said something in that situation if the person was being rude to the clerk (I certainly would have thought about bashing them).
    But I am more concerned about the long term things. If I die tomorrow will I regret not doing something today?
    It is also about letting go, I can’t change some of the things so why keep dragging the baggage around? Done, it is over, move on. I have a bad habit of beating myself up over stupid shit I can’t change.

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