short hair

Attitude is required to wear short hair. It is everything.

Except for extremely short hair, which I tend to rock about every other summer and I mean one inch or less, short hair isn’t necessarily easier to style than long. Some short styles require a lot of product and a bit of finesse. I remind my clients that having short hair may come with a learning curve to get it right.

And the afore mentioned attitude is needed. If you can’t own it, you can’t wear it. You can have the cutest short haircut that looks fabulous on you but if you don’t feel confident it will never work.

There is no hiding with short hair.  You, your face, your expression, everything is on display. Often people hide behind their long hair, emotionally as well as physically. With short hair you can’t do that. You are putting yourself out there and saying “Look at me!”.

Pixie cut on Emma Watson. And what was she saying? Look at ME!

But it is a myth that it is easier to have short hair. At least at first. Short haircuts often have a lot of texture to them.  To achieve that you have to know how to style it and what products work best for hair. There is no throwing it into a ponytail if your having a bad hair day! It can take some time to figure out how to style a new cut quickly. Less time and more product usually work best.

Short hair can be just as vesitile as long hair if you are willing to shake it up. Smooth, flat and sleek one day. Textured, choppy and standing up the next. Hell switching the side you part it on can totally change the look.

Short with texture and a deep side part.

I routinely change my part. As with most people’s hair my hair lays down better if it goes one way and I get more volume if I part it the other direction. Most people can change their part line, a few unfortunate people have a very strong cowlick or directional way the hair lies.

A lot of people just get used to parting it the same way and never change it. Even just parting it farther over can make a big change. Come on, it is just hair, have some fun!

Try something new!

Deep side part.

7 thoughts on “short hair

  1. I am one of those people scared to do anything different with my hair. Same part, basically the same style. I cut about ten inches off last summer and went from really long to just below my chin. It was fun. I really liked it, but now, I’m growing it back out again. I’m boring! 😦

    • That is a big change. You did try something new! And you can have fun growing it out, each stage allows you to have a new do. Play with different styles as it is growing, don’t just concentrate on the end results enjoy the journey. I think that is half of why I am always cutting mine so I can grow it out. It isn’t like there is anything else I can do when it is two inches long!

  2. Hmmmm…..I’ve been away from short hair for several years but you’re tempting me… I’ve got plenty of attitude so that’s not a problem….maybe it’s time? Husband’s been bugging me to go short again…the only man I know who prefers that look (not the only reason I married him, but it helps…).

    • Your hubby isn’t alone, but he is in the minority! I have a number of women whose husbands like them in short hair, probably because they look good with short hair. Every now and then I get someone that says she can’t cut her hair because he husband wants her to have long hair. Which, ignoring my issues of control and who’s hair is it, would be fine except invariably they look like shit with long hair. I just want to say so your husband wants you to look old, tired and dumpy? Usually I keep my comments to a minimum until I get to know them.

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