Curious what would happen if

I’m new at blogging and I was curious….

I am fairly new at blogging here. But I have been doing it long enough to have some stats and I have seen some trends in them. What days of the week when hits seem to go up etc. etc…

So I was curious what would happen if I added a possibly explicit tag to one of my posts. They say sex sells, and god knows they try really hard to sell us sex.

So my last post I did that. It was about my house and had the phrase box of caulk in it. So I added an extra tag before posting. Wanna guess?

Did I see a spike in hits on that day? Nope. About the same as other posts I’ve done. Not like this is a scientific double-blind study or anything. Or like I have a ton of historical stats to test it against.

But I can unequivocally without doubt say sex does not sell, or at least I’m not selling any.

5 thoughts on “Curious what would happen if

  1. I’ll bet if you added something silly you might get more hits, or maybe disguise it in something easier to click on, like “Fifty Shades of Grey.” 🙂

  2. Draconian Stylist,
    For Google to index you around “sex”, you would need a tag, a title with “sex” in it, a mention of “sex” in one of the first paragraphs, and you could also have one of the “sex” word linking to an outside sex article… You might not have results right away, but I’d be curious to see what the traffic trend would be after a few days… Do you feel up to the challenge?
    Le Clown
    PS: Googlebots are getting less stupid with everyday… Sex. Sex. Sex.

    • I think I can work on that. I bet I can write a post about not getting any “sex” and still work all those in. Then all the people clicking on it would be disappointed, and that thought makes my twisted sense of humor soar.

      • DS,
        Nah… You would get full of offers… That’s how the web is… Or you can just add sex and make it about something else… I don’t know… How a good hair cut is better than sex.
        Le Clown

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