Tomorrow is the 4th of July.

Independence day, America’s Birthday. Great, I got nothing against it. But I admit it isn’t my favorite holiday, that would be my birthday.

So how do we Americans celebrate it? By having BBQs, getting drunk and blowing things up. Classy, eh. The BBQ thing I like, not so sure about the getting drunk and adding explosives.

Well anyway tomorrow is a day off for most people. Actually it is for me too this year, but only because I always have Wednesdays off.

I don’t go anywhere, I have to stay home with my dog, he doesn’t like fireworks. But he gets drugs to deal with the fact that it sounds like a war zone in my neighborhood. Lucky Dog!

So to celebrate that tomorrow is a day off to get drunk and blow shit up my neighbors are getting drunk and blowing shit up. OK what is in those pills that I give the dog and is there enough for me?

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


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