Captain Clippy Clop

AKA Kick, Kick-a-poo Joy Boy, Skitter Biscuit, and sometimes just Dog.

He answers to all or none depending on his mood. He is going deaf but long before that he was selectively deaf. If he makes it to his next birthday this fall he will be twelve and for a Shar-Pei that is pretty damn old. He is a happy, arthritic, going deaf, losing his sight, old dog.

He gets the name Captain Clippy Clop from my brother. My brother sleeps in the living room when he stays with me and has informed me that my dog likes to meander around the house at night. I have hard wood floors. This cracks me up. I never hear it. I sleep in the bedroom with the door closed and hear nothing

We still go for a walk every day. The walks have become both shorter and longer. It takes him forever to walk around the block but he still wants to do it. When I get out his leash he does the tippy toe dance. He always starts out at a good clip but is definitely meandering by the time we get done.

Captain Clippy Clop

I don’t know what my life will be like without dogs. There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.

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