The kid was a ringer!

Today was the Carhartt and Hardhat Party.

So what the hell does that mean? Well for 128 days the street in front of my business was torn up. All of it, the street, the sidewalks too were removed, dug up, utilities replaced or moved. It was necessary but let’s get real it was awful and hard on the businesses.

This is the view out my door for 4 months

So after four months of the street being torn up what does our mainstreet program do to celebrate the reopening of our street? Close the street to have a party!

As you can see a lot of people showed up!

They also decided to have a contest. The best Carhartt and Hardhat costume would win some prizes. Well after all the noise, dirt and unexpected closures I really wanted those tickets to the local movie theater. You really have to check out The Rose Theater if you ever come to town.

During the construction I spent months wearing this hardhat to and from work.

That is a real hardhat and yes it is pink.

I needed to wear it because this is the gauntlet I had to run to get in and out of my salon for over four months.

This is what my street looked like. Though they haven’t taken all the sidewalks out yet in this picture. I usually had to walk through the middle of this between orange barricades.

So I dressed up for the contest. I wore my black Carhartts, a black velvet equestrian helmet, a sequined top, purple bow tie and a antique tailcoat. And I think I had the best outfit there, I mean how much classier can you get?

My lovely costume! I need to get a better picture so you can see my tails.

And what happens? I lose to a kid! Someone stuck their seven year old in the contest. Damn it a ringer. Kids always get the cute vote. This sucked. Yeah I’m a sore looser.

The kid is a damn ringer. And look at that cool trophy I could have had too!

But at least the street is done. It looks nice too. And I can stop buying my ibuprofen at Costco. It is so quiet without major construction going on outside my window.

Street done! Thank god.

Still I really wanted that trophy.

8 thoughts on “The kid was a ringer!

    • I did! Of course this raised no eyebrows in my town, some people dress this way everyday. I’ve been known to wear some interesting costumes just because I have them. Most of my friends have a costume box or trunk, there is always an excuse to wear one in here. Some of the best ones happen at The Kinetic Sculpture Race.

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