I have a bad habit of doing this, especially when stressed because I have too much to do. Vicious circle.

Lately I have been doing this a lot. I get in this cycle of being stressed/manic because I have so much that needs to be done but then I can’t decide where to start so nothing seems to get done or at least completed. Thus making the whole thing worse because then I have tons of things half done.

Then I get frustrated because I don’t seem to be getting anything accomplished and I just want to take a nap.

4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Put on your pink hardhat and bulldoze your way through one of those times. Maybe start off with listing the three top important things and work on those, leaving everything else to the side like piled dirt.

  2. Also easier said than done: don’t think of your “Procrastination”, think of your “ability to start a task” and your “ability to complete a task” and take pleasure in those. They do not need to be perfect.

  3. I start out with good intentions but then I lose my focus. I have periods like this but this one seems to be lasting longer than usual. I hope but writing about it and putting my emotional uproar into words I can break the cycle. I am normally fairly productive but lately I can’t seem to get it together. If I can make some progress I will fell less stressed.

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