Monkey Butt

 Well actually it is anti Monkey Butt.

When I first saw this stuff I thought it was a joke. But no, it is a real product. I just couldn’t pass it up. I knew I had to buy it for my brothers. But it was around Christmas time when I saw this stuff. And…

I never get my brothers a Christmas present. My family reached an agreement years ago to just not get each other presents.

We are all so weird and picky we just agreed to save the money to buy ourselves something we actually wanted and tell the others what we got. I mean think about it you spend $20 to $50 bucks on presents for half a dozen people and nobody really gets what they want. So save that money and go buy yourself something you really do want and then tell your family about the really neat-o gift you got, thanks to not having to buy them a bunch of half assed, crappy things they didn’t want!

It also saves a lot of stress around the holidays. I can’t remember the last time I had to go to the mall at the insane time between Thanksgiving and Xmas. Hence a lot of people are still alive because I’m pretty sure I will go on a killing spree if I hear the little drummer boy song every again.

So back to the wonders of Anti Monkey Butt Powder. By the time my brother’s birthday rolled around in April I couldn’t find the stuff at my hardware store. I started asking around for it and found out it really was an actual product and they had a website. So I ordered some, and I got some for myself too, and a few lucky unsuspecting  friends.

The damn stuff works great. So if you got to sweat and you tend to chaff this stuff is for you!

No I am not paid to promote this stuff, but if they would like to send my a free t-shirt or sticker I’m not going to say no.

9 thoughts on “Monkey Butt

  1. I want to order like thirty cans of Anti-Monkey Butt and hand them out to all the women I see with the word “PINK” across the ass of their sweatpants. Every time I see that I think of a Baboon’s neon pink hindquarters. The 21st century is far from exempt from mall fashion disasters, I guess.

    • Crochet toilet paper covers, the ones with the half a doll sticking out so the cover is supposed to be her skirt. I’m pretty sure my grandma had some of those, or I may have just hallucinated them after being overpowered by the smell of Windsong perfume.

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