I went swimming!

Well not really. But I felt like I did.

I went hiking again.

I did last week too but I didn’t torture you with those photos. I have concluded that I suck at taking pictures. Yeah my point and shoot isn’t great, but I’m not blaming the camera, I stink at photos. But since you were silly enough to click on this post here is a picture from last week.

Yeah wasn’t a great hike anyways. No thank god didn’t see any goats.

Would not have gone here if the website had mentioned this. They closed another trail because of this. Goats killed someone last year, so this isn’t something you want to mess around with. I have no desire to see wildlife bigger than me in real life, that is what they made TV for. Remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlin Pirkins?

Anyways, on to hiking in the clouds. Or being really soaking wet because you just got to get your hike on.

Went up Tunnel Creek.

Actual picture of the creek. Maybe I can get my partner to send me a great photo of it.

This is the first half and then we go up. Why? Well to see the views! And the wild flowers are in bloom now. Oh, and I am crazy too. (And to eat PB&J and chocolate)
It was grey today from the get go and then I hike into the snow. OK ~ not a lot of snow but I hate hiking in the snow. It is cold, wet (I think we already established that but this just adds another layer of wet) and slippery. It didn’t really rain much but the air was saturated with mist, water literally just hangs around in the air waiting for you to walk into it so it can condense and collect on you. 

So the crappy pictures of wild flowers. They don’t do it justice, there were so many flowers.

field or mountain side of flowers

Best pic I took of them. Lupine and paintbrush

So the view? Spectacular I’m told. Wouldn’t know, we hiked into the clouds. I mean I had no idea if I got any pictures until I got home. Me, my pack, my camera were totally soaked. The camera had so much moisture on it I couldn’t see what I was shooting. Not that it matters, I just snap lots of pictures and hope. Really. As far as the camera goes if I haven’t already voided the warranty I did now. One of the reasons I don’t invest in a good camera and the other is I don’t think it would improve the pictures. Then I would really have to admit it it moi.

Nice view. That’s Mount Constance over there, or is it over there?

Actually had a great time.  Came home soaked. I wrung my socks out. I was as wet as if I had gone swimming. Told you I was crazy. Will be up this way again, maybe it will be a clear day and then I’ll bitch about the heat.


8 thoughts on “I went swimming!

  1. Marlin would have sent Jim to go antagonize the goat, you know. Poor guy always got the shitwork.
    You take quite good photos. I don’t know where you get any ideas otherwise.
    I was out in that area a long time ago, around Mount Vernon (?) I think it was. Incredible. It was like being on a different planet. What I remember the most were the gigantic bracket fungi. I was just a kid, and those things were like the neatest shit ever. Humongous fungus. And lots of big ass slugs. Stuff like that is all over the place in the Northwest, I know, but I never saw ones that size around Seattle or Tacoma proper. Epic fungal colonys and giant Banana slugs, two highly underrated things about the Pacific Northwest.

  2. On the Peninsula ~hiking Hood Canal to Hurricane Ridge area mostly these days.
    Thanks I just take a lot of photos and hope some come out. Often due to conditions I can’t really tell what I’ve got until I get home. My partner has one of those fancy cameras and is serious about his pics. I just point and click.
    I could have taken pics of banana slugs today. 🙂 Actually I was/am fascinated by the dozens of different moss and lichen we have. Just don’t think anyone would be interested in a dozen pictures of moss!

    • Moss and slugs are cool….You should totally take pictures of that next time!!!!

      Screw what you think your audience will like… take the pictures that inspire you 🙂

      I think you take good pictures! Sometimes the point and shoots are better than the fancy shmancy cameras… just sayin’

          • Yep I do. I just don’t like laying in the dirt to see the screen, so I just snap a few and hope. My friend has this camera that the screen tilts and swivels so you can see it without having to get into a yoga pose.

  3. And what a great swim it was. Your pic’s turned out as good as mine. Thanks for an other great day in the woods.

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