Violating the no kids rule

So I will be taking care (?) of a 13 year old girl this weekend.

How the hell did that happen? And who would be crazy enough to entrust me with their kid? Well you’d think someone that knew me would not want me watching their kid but hey some people are desperate.

The last time I spent any time with a kid was over ten years ago and the supreme Ms. S was and still is a pretty special kid. I didn’t get us arrested. You were not supposed to tell your mother about that!

So this should be an interesting weekend. Luckily for my cousin, yeah it is her kid, Magic Mike is not playing in the local theaters. Because yes, I would take a thirteen year old to a movie about male strippers! So I am out of ideas, what does one do with a kid? I mean after I get done making her wash the truck, that leaves a lot of time.

appropriate movie for kids. I’m not sitting through another Pixar flick!

So any ideas? The stripper thing is out. What the heck do kids like to do? I know what I did at that age but that isn’t going to happen.

21 thoughts on “Violating the no kids rule

  1. Just saw Moonrise Kingdom and she might like that. The characters are about her age during the 60s. Otherwise, if she’s into art, just set her up in a corner? Books are a great thing, you could take her to the library, park her in a corner (I like corners. 😉 ) and be done for the weekend if you’re lucky. Otherwise, TV and internet.

    • Cool Moonrise is playing here. Will I want to gag watching it?
      I don’t have TV and am hesitant to let a kid on my laptop since I actually keep my business accounting on it.
      Hopefully she will be some what self entertaining. I have been told she asked to come. I am suspicious of that, I think my cousin wants a weekend alone! 🙂
      We will see, I will try not to get us arrested.

      • Getting arrested only works if it’s for a good cause, they let you go the same day, and the cop is hot. 😉

        As for the movie, I thought it was good. Bit of Romeo and Juliette set in ’65 with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray with a zero body count. I would recommend watching the trailer if you aren’t sure.

        • I saw the trailer and was on the fence about it. I really like dark movies mostly but if it will entertain the kid what the heck. My local theater has fantastic popcorn so I could feed her and kill a few hours. It does have Francis McDormand and I like her.
          Sounds like you have been arrested, do tell!

  2. Maybe you could take her hiking with you. I dunno, kids generally enjoy stuff like that more cause it’s adventure oriented. Just remember, you can’t leave her there if she starts asking “are we there yet?” 500 feet below the summit. The proper response is, “It’s just a little further, up around the bend.” That one always works.

  3. I remember being a 13 year old… and all I wanted to do was SLEEP and be a lazy lay-about…
    Perhaps you could dye her hair some obnoxious color (purple)…. that would kill like… i dunno a couple hours?

    I always wanted to dye my hair with manic panic when I was that age…and I still miss my purple hair (some oldies never grow up)

  4. Do her hair and then ask her what 13 year old girls like to do. Write it all down and then post her comments back in a blog so we all know what to do if we’re ever stuck looking after a 13 year old girl!
    Take one for the team! 🙂 🙂

    • Yeah we did pretty good. I hauled her around to the many second hand and vintage stores we have. We did the farmer’s market and the Marine Science Center. I also taught her to bake black bottom cupcakes, sent them home with her too, not sure her mom was thrilled with that! We watched movies on Netflix, kid has pretty good taste we watched Religulous and Food Inc. I’ll do it again but it will not be anytime too soon it is exhausting!

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