Bad Hair Day

A friend sent me this picture.

A good stylist is hard to find!

It made me laugh. But it is so true, I recently read in some fashion mag that 47% of women said having a bad hair day would ruin their whole day. Wow.

I have forgotten what that is like. Don’t get me wrong I have days my hair is uncooperative but as a stylist I just throw some more product in there, hold my head high and act like it is supposed to look that way. Who is going to argue with me?

And I know it is just hair. Tomorrow is another day. I have had my hair long enough that I know what it will and won’t easily do. I don’t get a haircut that my hair won’t do. It is something I try to stress to my clients, your life will be a lot easier if you choose a style that your hair will naturally be inclined to do. If you have straight fine hair pick a style that compliments that, if you have curly hair get the right products and rock it.

Think about it, do you want to fight and be frustrated every morning? If it were a boy/girl friend you would have kicked them to the curb a long time ago. Your not a teenager, accept the hair you’ve got and work with it.

That being said find a hairstylist that you like and trust can be hard. I suggest you start with recommendations from friends that have hair that is similar to yours. Heck if you see someone in the grocery store and you like their hair, compliment them and ask them who does it? People love to be told they have great hair!

7 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day

  1. Someone who cuts hair well is hard to find where I live. Seriously, I got so fed up with bad haircuts I just shave my head now. When I lived on the other side of the state it was a different story, I had a great barber there in Erie.
    Sadly, you live on the other side of the country otherwise I’d visit your shop. But, I’ve got clippers and every month or so I do my shearing. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to find someone who can cut hair without my having to trek all the way to the NW.

  2. DS,
    I have really thick and curly hair. I have tried many hairdos, from the Corey Hart spikes to The Bard’s hair… All have failed miserably to make me look as magnificent as I should look. The fedora hat was the answer.
    Le Clown

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