Hiking again, what else do I do? Actually I’ll post about that later.

Went on a beautiful hike last week. So many different wildflowers in bloom at one time it was amazing. Damn good thing because my legs were not thrilled about it. Fourteen miles with cranky hamstrings, there had better be something gorgeous to look at or at least a lot of chocolate in my pack.

So if you like pretty flowers I stuck them up here. Know the name of some of them but most of the time I get a kick out of coming up with my own names. Queen Anne’s Lace, bluebells this stuff is boring. I do kinda like the word thistle. So here are all those plus the ones I named myself as Monkey Ass, Rocket Dog, Cotton Balls and the usual yellow, pink or white ones. It is pretty unusual to have so many blooming at one time and on the same hike. These are just a few of the varieties because I realize many of you will be bored by this. Hey any one want to see pictures of Aunt Maggies vacation to The Museum of Knitting with Dog Hair? 

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5 thoughts on “Wildflowers

    • My hiking partner thinks I’m a little nuts but it isn’t like he ever remembers to bring the flower book. And who wants to haul a book up the side of a mountain? Ever try to look something up in one anyways, white flower ahh that narrows it down, not. It is like the teacher telling me to look it up in the dictionary when I didn’t know how to spell some word.?1?

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