I paint things

Besides hiking in the summer, I paint things.

Like my feet. I was thinking I could start a new pedicure fad.

I had to get a ceiling painted this weekend and this ceiling had to be done with a sprayer.  It finally got warm in Washington this weekend. So my brilliant idea to stay cool while in a small enclosed room wearing safety gear and a respirator mask was to do it bare foot. It didn’t help.

The lovely outfit with mask and safety glasses. I was so hot I decided to paint in my bare feet and serendipity I discover new nail art for the feet!

Great fun! Originally my brother had agreed to do the spraying if I taped and prepped the room. But he got a job! I think he did that on purpose. So I’m on my own doing this. I’ve never used an airless sprayer before.

Ok this thing doesn’t look anything like my little homeowners Wagner sprayer!

Well lets say the verbal directions to use this weren’t totally clear and most of the buttons and dials are hard to read due to all the paint on them. After at least one false start, a couple of phone calls to the rental place to get some additional information and two gallons of paint I am calling it done.

I eventually got enough paint stuck on the ceiling but not before I got it everywhere else first. Mostly on me. I now know how to use a paint sprayer, unfortunately this knowledge came about the time I ran out of paint.

And I painted the yard white too. Seriously my lawn looks like Christmas. I am sure my neighbors are trying to figure out what the hell is going on over here. Don’t tell, I like to keep them guessing.

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