Pictures of me, usually I dislike them. Don’t most of us?

My hiking partner ML takes lots of photos. He has a real passion for it. Mostly he takes pictures of water and flowers while we hike, but he does take a few of me too. Most of the time I am unaware that I am in the photo but if I do realize he is taking a picture of me I am often goofing off or glaring at him. I am not the best behaved subject.

Still sometimes he gets a photo of me that even I like. Of all the photos he has taken while hiking this one is my favorite.

At first when he would take pictures and there was a nice one I wanted a copy of he would send it to me as a raw data file. It would take forever to download and when I opened it my nose would be the size of a dinner plate. I would have to scroll around just to see a small portion of the picture. I have finally gotten him to send me the photos in a more manageable size. No one and I mean no one wants to see their pores and wrinkles that big! I am thankful that he deletes the really horrible ones of me. He has occasionally threatened to post them on my FB account. Some of them are pretty damn funny but he is too nice and never has. Maybe it is because he knows I have my own stash of unflattering photos of him.

Pictures are captured moments of time. They are suspended. There can be something very powerful about a photo, they allow the looker to make up the back story.

Photos of yourself allow you to study the minute details that you normally can’t see.  Even looking in the mirror you are still moving and alive it is almost impossible to study yourself in the way that you can in a photo.

6 thoughts on “Pictures

    • Yes I wish I had more photos of my past but pictures were more of a posed event then and I don’t look too happy. I really wish we had more photos of my father but sadly a fire took most of them. So smile big and then they will remember you as the happy crazy auntie!

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