You don’t lose your chance just your place in line

This is the unofficial motto of dating in my small town.

Pretty much this is true. And if you don’t/can’t stand seeing you exs all the time well then you are screwed.

I am lucky; I either still like my exs, they moved away or I can’t stand them but I look better than their current girlfriend/wife.

Dating in a small town can be difficult. Well I’m not sure difficult is the right word maybe different. In some ways it resembles high school, oh god yes. I mean you know who they have already slept with and have to deal with that. Oh hell, you may be friends with their exs but that can be good you can get the lowdown on their skills or lack of and whether it is even worth putting on a dress.  Forget the dress that means I’d have to shave and you know I probably forgot to do that, again.

Sometimes it can be hard to get up the desire to even go out because there is a really good chance that it will be the same people you saw out last week/month/year. Often inertia sets in and it just seems easier to stay home and read blog. You notice I am posting this on a Saturday night.  I thought about going out and then I though Meh.

Your single friends are in the same boat or mind set. And then your coupled up friends are no help at all at all. They just want to pair you up with their brother/cousin. I swear at least half this town is 2nd cousins to each other.

Your like “No what about that cute guy you work with?” Oh him? Yeah he’s nice but I don’t think your right for each other. Excuse me? Let me decide that! Hold it are you saying I’m not nice? Well maybe they are right cause all I’m thinking is  “Damn he is good looking maybe I just want to get laid!

Everyone seems to think they know what would be best for you. Argh!

So what do you do? Well I am home alone on a Saturday night. Hmmm, maybe I should just Facebook that guy and send him a message. Have another swig of wine. Yeah he won’t think I’m a complete nut job right?

11 thoughts on “You don’t lose your chance just your place in line

  1. ah yes… the plight of being single
    I know it well… add in the fact that I am on the wagon and I don’t like hanging out with a bunch of drunks… yep… my favorite thing on Saturday nights is snuggling with the Howler and watching a movie…


    • I’m afraid I will come across as one of those crazy FB stalkers!
      But it can be hard enough to find someone that actually interests me enough to even consider it that I just may. What the hell the answer is always no if you never ask.

        • I did, no response. I could have kept this as a personal embarrassment/rejection but what the hell it isn’t like it is the end of the world. I think I would rather be told no than to wonder!
          Oh well there is no guarantee we would have even been compatible but at least I gave it a shot.
          Now I can add Official Bat-crazy FB Stalker to my resume.

            • Some of my friends have been known to do that! I really am happy alone so I don’t try very hard. But I do believe in going for what you want and the older I get the more I do.
              It is a rare occasion when I find someone attractive enough to make an effort. He could still reply but I did get to laugh at myself. Laughter is good!

  2. Dating in a small town is hard, dating in a big city can be hard, I think, in general, its always going to be hard. At least with the bigger city, you’re less likely to run into the guy.

    • Yeah dating is hard no matter where you live. Each place has it’s own unique problems.
      The upside of a small town is if you like a guy you don’t have to move too quickly chances are you will be able to run into him again. And I’ve never had to Google someone to find out about them.

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