I know I put my mojo somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.

Usually I am in full crazy project mode at this time, but not this year. I should probably just sit back and enjoy it.

But some how I just can’t, I feel like I should be doing something. I keep thinking I am forgetting something and it is going to come back to bite me. Even though it is still summer, the days are getting noticeably shorter already and I keep thinking what have I done this year?

When the days are short and cold in the winter I have no problem just hibernating, curling up with a book and doing nothing, but that is because I feel like I deserve it after a long busy summer of projects.

Well I hope I find my mojo soon! God knows I don’t want to have a major hole in an outside wall when the winds and the rains start! Maybe I just need to simultaneously start all those little projects that need finishing. The ones I always put off because I have something big in the works. I never have been good at the time consuming finish work, I’m male like that. It is way more fun to get out the big boys tools and tear something up that could cause the house to fall down. Now there’s a rush!

That could be my problem, I’m looking for a big rush of adrenalin and I just don’t get it carefully cutting trim to finish the fireplace surround.

3 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I’m always putting things in a ‘safe’ place an not remembering where I put them!
    I’ts winter here – so I’m curled up with a good book, but come summer, I’ll be out there doing all those things on my list (until I lose interest) 🙂

  2. I need motivation to get on with my thesis work – I am running out of time and procrastinating terribly, but I have a feeling I’m like you, needing that adrenalin, that pressure – I just hope that Rex can handle crazy stressed out me when it gets down to the crunch! Oh, and I’ve lost my birth certificate and passport so many times in “safe” places that now I just leave them in the most obvious and in the way place, right on my dresser, smack in the middle! Probably not safe but at least I can always find them 🙂

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