I talk to myself

Or why I blog part 2. I talk to myself, a lot.

Usually in my head but out loud sometimes. And these aren’t short conversations, like am I out of milk? No these are long colloquies. I talk to myself, answer, disagree, argue, discuss. There is quite the symposium going on in my head.

Maybe I spend too much time alone.

I know I enjoy the conversations and blogging is very similar to the internal dialog I have. I am not sure if everyone talks to themselves the way I do. There is definitely at least two “voices” in my head, I mean you can’t have an argument with one person. No I am not saying there is someone else in my head, but I do have  point and counter point conversations with myself.

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Blogging is an extension of this. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I am a little touched. In a way it allows me to legitimize what I already do. I figure with so many people blogging either I am not so different or we are all rage egotists, or a bit of both.

Do you talk to yourself? Do you answer and argue with yourself?

17 thoughts on “I talk to myself

  1. I have arguments with myself all the time. The good thing is I usually keep my mouth shut during, otherwise my friends and family might have me committed.

    The thing I end up doing is to have a conversation with someone else I know, in my head. I argue for the both of us, from both sides. These conversations almost never happen in real life, but end up helping me in the long run.

    • Yeah sometimes the other voice is a person I know. I do that especially if I am foreseeing a disagreement with them, I like to prep myself. It helps me stay calm if it does happen. But most of the time I am just talking to myself, luckily I live alone or I probably would have been committed by now.

  2. Whoa! You are not alone, my friend! In fact, I caught myself doing this just today, but I cannot recall what it was about. When I am living by myself, it gets worse. One of my neighbors was, apparently, throwing a children’s birthday party and he was on top of one of those very large blow-up jumping contraptions, so he was able to see into my apartment, over my fence and through a large window. I have no idea why or how he got up there, but he definitely caught me talking to myself. Hopefully he assumed there was someone in another room. None-the-less, I think he and I are even since I caught him in the act of a Peeping Tom… Ha!
    I think you are right, it should be closely related to people who enjoy blogging, as most of us are probably the type of people who always have an inner dialogue going on in our heads. Hopefully this means we are normal! Ha! Then again, normal is subjective and often overrated!

  3. When people catch me talking to myself I just tell them I’m “working on a blog post” nowadays. For some reason it works, I suppose. Well, it works better than what I used to do, which was to look at them and say “SHHH! DID YOU HEAR THAT!? AN ANGEL JUST GOT ITS WINGS!”
    I figure if people are going to think I’m crazy I may well accommodate them.

  4. I spend a lot of time alone, (and by alone I mean just me and the Howler)
    IF I am not talking to myself, I am talking to the Howler…
    Full conversations…
    I am just a crazy dog person… thankfully my roommate at work is just as bad… so it doesn’t bother her….

    • I have a dog too. I often direct my comments at him it helps me think I’m not so crazy, but I know I’d still be talking out loud even if he wasn’t there. I’m glad your roommate is understanding! Seems like I am not alone in this habit of mine. Interesting that so many other bloggers do this too.

  5. DS,
    Le Clown often talks to his other personalities out loud, when walking. It makes a funny show, or at least, it seems like it by the look of others… When I’m with my kids, it’s not that bad, as they ignore me anyway.
    Le Clown

  6. I argue with myself a lot in my head . . . at least, there’s a lot of interior dialogue between two entities. Well, they’re not two different entities, as they’re both part of me, but they suss out things in a conversational manner.

  7. I talk to myself a lot. Sometimes I have long animated fluid conversations in my head with some guy I like. Trouble is if I pluck of the courage to talk to them in real life, they never say what I imagined them saying and the conversations are stilted and awkward

    Even more depressing, my inner conversations sometimes take the form of arguing with myself – and I generally lose !

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