Bored hair stylist

This is what happens when a hair stylist gets bored.

I had been thinking it has been a long time since I was blond. I also have some new products to play with so….

Yeah really this is my “natural” color.

Probably won’t get asked if this is my real hair color. It only took bleach, high lift color and some toner to get it. Actually it only would have taken high lift to get it this color if I hadn’t decided to keep the bangs, I shaved them off last time so I decided to keep them this time. Considering the torture I put them through their in pretty good shape. I may cut them off later, but at least they didn’t turn into snot and fall off. Yes, I have done that before. To my own hair, not a clients. I’m always willing to test the limits on my head because as you can see I’m also willing to really cut all my hair off.

Actually cutting all my hair off is one of my favorite things to do. A) I’m extremely lazy and it is really easy to do in the mornings. B) I often color the crap out of my fine hair and toast it C) It feels so soft when it is short and D) I like looking like a lesbian and E) I love screwing with my clients, they never know what I’m going to look like.

This is kind of what my hair looked like before I got bored.

Hair before boredom struck.

I actually prefer my hair darker. I know I’ll go back to something like this soon enough. But for now I’m blond again.

What is my natural color? Hell I don’t really know, I haven’t seen it in 20 years.

Actually that isn’t true. I saw it when I shaved it and before I dumped a bowl of tint on it. It was boring. I keep hoping it will turn white but it hasn’t yet or not enough to be cool looking. I am a dish water blond, that means my roots are this boring mousey brown until I spend time in the sun. And let’s get real I live in the PNW we don’t get much sun. This summer while the rest of the USA has been broiling we have had exactly one week of temps above 80 where I live. (Nehner-nehner-nehner! I love the cool weather.)

I’m already plotting my return to darker hair. I will keep it blond for a while. Heck I might even go platinum for a bit. I considered it this time but as I said I’m lazy and it is work to get it that blond. And I just wasn’t really feeling like doing the burn or blistering my scalp. Yes that happens or can if you try to go from colored dark hair to platinum blond in one sitting. I speak from experience, really it isn’t that bad but it takes forever. Women can grit it out and do it, men I have seen cry, wussies.

But for now it is blond and I look like a lesbian.

21 thoughts on “Bored hair stylist

    • Thank you, I like it but as you know there are lots of lesbians in town and I find it funny that they often come in and want me to cut their hair short but ask me not to make them look like a dyke. Huhmm, I’m not sure that is possible.

  1. I have been known to have all my hair cut off when I get REALLY bored… Right now I haven’t had it cut in about a year….

    I am lazy and too busy to make an appointment….

    Totally dig the new look 🙂

  2. DS,
    I think the new hair do is rad… And I don’t know what a lesbian is supposed to look like, … Don’t all lesbians look like Gina Gershon?
    Le Clown

  3. Rad fringe cut! I hope you broke out the Docs and flight jacket to go with it. Seriously, you look great with your hair like that. Lesbian looking? Not at all. Olde school Capitol hill punk grrrl looking? Very much so. Nice job!

  4. It’s kind of funny and stupid that short hair on a woman immediately means she’s a lesbian – a friend of mine, who is a lesbian so possibly a bad example, went short and some young kid who didn’t know her orientation told her she looked like a lesbian – just a strange old fashioned kind of stereotype I guess, but it looks awesome 🙂

    I want to go shorter, but I’m thinking this kind of short which is not short compared to yours but short for me! Still not sure if I can pull it off or if my face will look a bit too chubby (bit paranoid about looking bigger than I am with my history). Anyway, your hair looks great, maybe I can go wild with some products, but I don’t have a hairdresser I trust yet to let loose on my hair!,r:11,s:0,i:136

    • Many of my clients that are lesbian tell me that they want a short haircut but don’t make them look “too” lesbian. Usually I laugh and tell them that the haircut isn’t the problem, it might be the Carhartt pants and the flannel shirt they are wearing.
      I hope you do find a stylist that gets to know you so you can let someone go to town on your hair. It can be a lot of fun to let someone change your style in a way maybe you wouldn’t have thought of. That being said wait until after the wedding, you want to be really comfortable in how you look on that day, it will be way more relaxing.

      • Oh definitely, no drastic changes until after! I thought my current hairdresser was good but she gave me a shocking cut, which I know was because she was in a bad mood on that day it was so obvious – anyway, she didn’t believe me that she had given me a bad haircut and when I went back to get it fixed because it was that bad, she said oh I see what happened and somehow tried to blame me for it! That I had obviously told her something so she did it differently and still charged me full price to fix what she did badly! I was so annoyed by that and now I have hair a lot shorter than I wanted to for the wedding. Anyway, it’s just hair, it grows back, but I really want to find someone I can just let loose on my hair and give me something I totally wouldn’t have thought of! One day!

        You’re right, the pants and flannel could be the give away 😉 lol

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