I want this but…

I want this but don’t do this.

*SIGH* I hear some variation of this a lot. And almost invariably it ain’t possible! And I think they know it. Unlike a kid asking for the same thing over and over again until their parent gives in, pestering me will not suddenly change the physical laws of the universe and make it possible for you to have lots of  layers and body without cutting your hair. Or whatever impossible thing it is they want!

Most of the time I patiently explain the options. A, B, or C. Pick two. You can’t have all three.

Most people get it. I can do a lot, but I can’t do magic or change the laws of the universe. If I could things would be very different.

But some clients just push every time they come in. Like we haven’t had this conversation multiple times. “No your hair won’t do that and this is why. This is what your hair will do. We could try this? No? Or this? No? How about this?” Nope don’t want that. They still want what it won’t do.

Sometimes I do get really blunt. I have said “Not going to happen. Ever. No matter how many times you ask me.” Sometimes I swear I am talking to a three year old with ADD not a thirty-eight year old with a master’s degree.

8 thoughts on “I want this but…

  1. I feel pretty lucky with my hair – cut the right way I can wash it, let it dry naturally and it will look like I’ve spent hours giving it gentle waves! Wrong cut that makes it all a bit too heavy and long means I won’t have those curls – so hair, that’s fine, but I’m probably one of those obstinate customers if you were a personal trainer or something – I know what I want my body to do, to look like, and it gets me really down when I know that it’s not going to happen! But! I need to accept that this is how it is and I need to love it that way, same with hair I guess lol! 😛

    • Some things you can’t change and accepting that goes a long way towards making life easier. I often try to point out the great things that their hair will do and how much easier it would be to work with that.
      I know what you mean about the body. When I am feeling down about the things I can’t get to without surgery I try to be grateful for the good things my body will to.

    • Not a problem! Throw out the comb, start using bar soap on your hair and go to bed with it wet soon you will start to look like a Rastafarian. Only time this won’t work is if you are bald. :/

  2. If I see a photo I like, I bring it in, and say “I’m not sure I can pull this off, but I like this look, can you do something that will make it work for my face shape” easy.

    Although, I know its just hair and it grows back, people get too serious about it.

    • I love you. Photos are great and being realistic about the fact that a haircut needs to be tailored to your face and hair is fantastic! Bet you are a dream client.
      Yes most people are too serious about hair and everything else.

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