I am feeling this way!

One of my friends posted this and I just had to snag and share it! I think this may be my motto for the week. Hell I want to get this printed on a t-shirt.


The good and the bad and some people are ugly

It has been one of those weeks. The kind where you are all over the place.

So where to start???

I am have survived my first week back in class again. It has even been not bad. OK ~ I’m only taking one class. But it is MATH! My arch-enemy, my greatest foe/fear. It is the first week, I know, but I am taking the good where I can get it this week.

The fact that I am not completely lost already ROCKS! I have been diligently plugging away at my homework every night and doing the section quizzes and all that jazz. Which by the way I do not get credit for, this class is only graded on the exams at the end of each chapter. Luckily I don’t usually have test anxiety like some people do. I mean I am nervous but not to the point where I can’t take a test. When I have to take a test I figure I know it or I don’t and just do the best I can.

Since I am taking an online class and there is some flexibilty in when you take the exams. I only get one chance at each graded exam and it is timed. So I psyched myself up and sat down to take the exam tonight, only to find out I can’t get into it until tomorrow. The fact is I was ready and I will still be ready when it opens up tomorrow. Hope I do well, I am pretty sure I will.

The bad is work has been weird, money is tight and I am in the middle of re-financing the house. So the stress level around here is up. I just want to get through the next few weeks without some major catastrophe in the money department.

So I bought a new bike. Yeah like that makes a lot of damn sense! Call it retail therapy. It isn’t a new bike but a new to me bike. It is fast! Whooo-hoo!

I have been riding a nice little cruiser/hybrid bike for the last two years. It is a good bike and great for running errands and getting around. But I have been pushing myself lately and it just hasn’t been keeping up with me. So I bought a road bike. I got it today and went out and just rode the shit out of it. It is a totally different ride, what a blast but it is a totally different type of ride and now my ass and the webbing on my hands are sore. It is going to take some getting used to. My butt is sore! Harder seat, no suspension, small narrow tires, well I will get used to it, actually I was surprised I didn’t crash. It was fun, but it is very different from the way I have been riding. Think truck verses sports car, I am going to have to be careful!

It feels great to haul butt. I figure justified it helps with the stress. So now I own two bikes. I will have to keep myself motivated to ride this winter.

Oh and the ugly? Well a few people might just end up ugly if they mess with my schedule again this coming week. *sigh*

So that is my week. Oh I almost forgot, well maybe didn’t exactly forget so much as tried to forget. There is was a man I liked, he works at one of the local hardware stores. I always got the impression he was attracted to me. Anyways, he was helping me last week and I noticed, yeah I looked, that he didn’t have a ring on. So I got the courage up and asked “Are you single?” He chuckled and said “No, not at the moment.” Well damn! But he at least he didn’t get uncomfortable after that; he continued to help me and chatted. It is a good thing because I have to go in there a lot to get stuff and that would have been awkward if things had gotten strained. Hell maybe he is just really nice to everyone and I just misread him. *sigh* Guess I’ll just go ride my bike…

What have you been up to?

Well things are going to be hectic around here for a while!

I signed up for a pre-algebra class through my local community college. What was I thinking? It has been twenty-five years since I was in high school, ten since my last time in college and math was always my least favorite subject. Probably because it was the only one I ever really struggled in. I have decided to get over my fear of math.

It is an online class so hopefully I will have time to shoehorn it into my life. I did online classes before so I have some idea what I am getting into. That being said the format has changed some so I have been learning the new system I will be using. I also have lined up a local math tutor, did I mention I suck at math?

This is NOT me!

This should be fun. So with some trepidation I am getting ready to be frustrated and humiliated. No really, I am hoping that I will get it this time. That is why I am taking this class. I am going to try to understand it. I have always avoided or done just enough to get through any math requirements necessary. I am tired of feeling like I’m no good at math. This time I am starting at the ground and going to try to build a good base of knowledge so that when I actually take Algebra next semester it won’t be Greek to me.

It seemed like a good idea when I signed up.

So between working, biking and trying to get the house and yard ready for fall/winter I have been busy. I’ll be around here reading and commenting, between sessions of trying to fry my brain. I do love to be busy, but it is a fine line though between being busy and being over my head. I do better when I keep busy other wise I have a habit of procrastinating. Give me too much time and I will lollygag about until the last minute. Give me a lot to do and I am more likely to get organized and get it done so that I have time to lollygag!

What is so damn funny?

I am about fed up with the inappropriate use of lol. That wasn’t funny. Did you really laugh out loud? You are either easily amused or mental or both.

I know everyone has their pet peeves about social networking/blogging/text messaging. And then there are all the other things that piss people me off. But using lol to respond to everything? Stop it! It is a good thing we are not in the same room because I just want to bitch slap you ~ Hard.

Emoticons can and often are overused. I know this gets to certain bloggers. I am often amazed at the damn things. Where exactly does one find a red-headed, cheering with pom-poms while bouncing around and sticking its tongue out at you emoticon? More importantly why would you go searching for such a thing in the first place. Oh and whatever you posted, I forgot. I was too busy staring at that thing trying to figure out what it was and what the hell you were trying to say by putting it in there. Maybe it would have been better if you had just put some thought into what you were saying instead of tearing around the internet to find that thing.

Next we can get to abbreviations, most often used in text messages but seeming to find themselves more and more often in other highly inappropriate places. This isn’t fucking bingo. You look like an idiot for using them, learn to speak/spell correctly or at least try. If you use too many of these I just won’t even attempt to read what you wrote and I know I’m not alone. It gives me a headache. You come across as immature and unintelligent, and I am going to completely ignore anything you have to say. If the idea is to make it easier and quicker to communicate, you failed.

Now everyone’s favorite the like button. It is obvious that it is here to stay, but every few weeks/months the “We want a dislike button” will make the rounds on Spacebook. Guess what? It isn’t going to happen. May not like the like button but that doesn’t mean it is going away. Hell it is showing up everywhere including here on WP. But really sometimes liking something does seem perverse. What is needed is a “I saw it, I read it and yes I’m paying attention to you” button. Then I can quit seeing those post that start with ~ lets see who is actually paying attention to me.…. Well now that I know that you are an pathetic attention whore I am going to hide you from my timeline. Thanks, and I just liked that, not.

Wow, I feel better. Amazing what emotional vomiting can do for a person. Not that this will last, come back soon, I’m sure I will be spewing again. And if you think this post is about you, it is.

Thnx don’t 4get 2 like me!! 🙂 ROTFLMAO 😕

All images stolen from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Feels like fall

I don’t care what the temperature is, if feels like fall.

It does have that feel in the air. It may be warm during the day but as soon as the sun goes down, and it is going down earlier and earlier, the temperature drops. You can feel the cool marine air. The wind has a bit of a bite to it.

I love fall but it sure seems to be coming quick this year. That being said I am not a big fan of the really short days of winter. I looked it up and the sun will set at 4:18 on December 14th. Uhg. I’m already dreading it. Yeah I am one of those people who picks at scabs too.

But the up side of all this is fall! Hot cocoa, wind storms, heating the house with the wood stove, split pea soup, warm jackets, curling up reading without feeling guilty that I should be outside doing something. I sleep better too. I keep my bedroom cold and I love cuddling up in flannel sheets under my down comforter. Oh and the damn lawn shouldn’t need to be mowed!

I love the changing seasons best, spring and fall. I don’t know but the light is so soft and beautiful at those times of year. The temperatures are perfect and I like watching all the changes that happen. But when spring comes I’ll be ready.

Not a morning person

I do not like mornings, just not my thing.

This was confirmed today because I had to get up a the crack of freaking dawn today. I have felt kind of off all day. Too god damn early to be awake.

I saw the sunrise today! Yeah it was pretty but definitely not worth it. I shouldn’t see the sunrise until at least end of October. I mean if I want to see a sunrise I’ll wait until winter when the damn thing shows up at a reasonable time. What the hell is the big deal about sunrise it looks a freaking lot like a sunset and I see those all the time.

Speaking of mornings, what the hell is up with those morning people? How come they act all hoity toity? Like they are better than night people. Oh I’m a morning person I did 30 million things before the crack of O:30 today. Well la te fucking da, I’ll call you at midnight and ask you what you’ve accomplished in the past two hours, we’ll see who’s been getting things done at 1am!

Yeah I can do mornings, after two cups of coffee and a long shower. I don’t actually hate mornings, they just need to come at a reasonable time and don’t talk to me.

Yes, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Go away I haven’t had my coffee!