Got to get my ride on

I need to spend some more time on my bike.

I’m not the greatest bike rider. I started riding again last year and I really enjoy it but I haven’t rode as much as I had hoped to this summer. I had hoped to get better, read faster, this year. I need to get it together, I know myself and I won’t ride much in the winter. I hate eating rain.

So I have been trying to get out more in the last few weeks. Just get out and zip pedal around my neighborhood. A few days ago I am doing my thing, feeling pretty good, making good time down one of the back roads. And suddenly I hear someone yell something, and then I hear this clicky, skittering noise down at by feet. I look down and there is a rabid, vicious, red-eyed rat chihuahua running along side me.

Hound of Hell

Damn! Startles the hell out of me, at least I didn’t crash. All I can think is the dang thing is going to bite my ankle. I hate being bit by little dogs, hurts like hell and you look like an ass if you kick them. Oh and the damn thing is wearing a little tiny blue bandanna too. As if it weren’t frightening enough to be chased by a tiny, vicious dog, one wearing a bandanna too?

OK the damn things legs are only three inches long and I’m riding a bike, how hard can it be to get away? So I start pedaling like the hounds of hell are chasing me, and in my mind they were. I mean Paco here is wearing a bandanna, this is obviously a mean dog. So I’m putting some muscle into this and what happens? Nothing. I speed up and Paco just drops a gear and keeps up. I mean I am being paced by a chihuahua. I swear the little bastard was laughing at me.

Great. I can’t out run a chihuahua. I really think I need to work on the biking. Talk about demoralizing.

3 thoughts on “Got to get my ride on

  1. I’m sorry, Kim. You know I love ya’ and all, but . . . I gotta’ admit that, when I read this, I almost wet myself laughing at the image your words conjured up.
    Thanks for a giggle to start my weekend!!!

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