Reasons for firing

More reasons for firing a client. OK I am probably starting to sound like a bitch, but it really is the things that torque me, that eat at me and I want to sound off about. 98% of my clients are fabulous but it is the 2% that aren’t  take up so much of my energies.

Then there are the clients that are just plain pain in the asses and think they are better than their stylists. That their time is more important, that because they are paying you they can treat you like something they stepped in. The clients that are always late for their appointments but get all huffy if you are running five minutes behind. The clients that cancel at the last minute or just no show. The ones that blow in and say “I know I  booked a foil but I’m in a hurry and don’t have time today so I’ll just get a trim.”  Seriously.

These are the same people who book a two hour appointment and then half way through tell you they need to be out of the salon in thirty minutes. Or come in for a haircut and then ask you to do a color too. And act put out when you tell them that you don’t have time.

I can honestly admit bad economic times I might put up with more than when the money is rolling in, but there is a break point. The point when someones name on my books makes me dread the entire day. I know they are going to put me through an emotional wringer. The point comes when I think “you can’t pay me enough” and then I usually become too busy to fit them in or I raise my prices~ a lot and just for them. They either pay the new price or it is amazing how those people suddenly start to respect you more when you start charging them what it is worth to put up with their shit.

Yes I do charge for last minute cancellations. I usually give clients some lee way on it but if you are a pain in the butt client there is no wiggle room. You book a foil and only want a haircut and tell me that when you walk in the door, fine. But your paying for the foil whether you get it or not. It is amazing how fast a problem client will leave you when you start to demand that they pay for your time not just your services.

3 thoughts on “Reasons for firing

  1. As a business owner myself, AMEN! I mean, people these days…….respect is a 2 way street. Respect me for the talent, creativity, expertise, and professionalism I possess, and I will respect you right back for being a kind reasonable person. I have had to do this too recently and it takes BALLS! I had to totally renovate my business as this sort of client kept finding me, the stupid, rude ones, who didn’t value my time. I majorly raised my prices and intern I majorly changed my client base for the better…..clients like this know how to find the best talent, they just don’t want to pay……so, good for you for knowing you are worth so much more!

    • Yes it is a stressful thing to do and I hate it. Raising your prices or cutting your hours can make you more successful. I am busier doing four days a week than I was when I worked five. And because I am more rested I do better quality work, funny how that happens, so I can charge more for the work I do. The less available you are the more clients value you.

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