Do it now!

If you wait it may never happen. Take a chance, live your life like there is no tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Do it now!

    • I tend to be a planner but there are times when I just let go and hope for the best. Those have been some of the scariest and most rewarding times of my life. It sounds kind of corny but I like to think of it as the arrow, point it in the general direction but eventually you just have to pull it back and let go.

  1. I know this is a pretty aggro track to leave as a comment, but really nobody says just “DO IT!” quite like Rollins. Serious, as far as motivational music goes it just don’t get much better. I read your post header, and that coupled with keeping in mind your latest hairstyle…I just knew I had to leave this song. So hopefully you’ll be duly inspired to go out and Live life with a capital-L. Or maybe you’ll just want to break shit. Either way, it’s all good.

    • Thank you! Made me laugh and want to break some shit! I am in the process of clearing some shit out of my life both physically and mentally. I have decided it is time to start something, a journey of sorts. I have a destination in mind but I am open to possibilities that may happen. I believe in reinvention, both big and small and I figure I have time for at least one more big one.

  2. This is exactly why I want to leave my field of scientific research and become an aid worker in Indonesia, Africa, Mongolia, the Arab nations – anywhere that someone like me can be made useful and feel like I am making a difference! I took a massive leap to meet the man I adore and together he is willing to take this leap with me to do something I will love doing! We are also working out a way that he can do the research he wants to do as well – where there is a will, there is a way!

      • It will be a while unfortunately! I am determined to finish my PhD, though would be more than happy to start my plan immediately! I submit next year, Rex will be here in November, so at least I will start the process then, but otherwise I will be waiting a while to get this off the ground. The time should be good though, we can find out the best plan for us both. Now, just to do it… 🙂

        • You have time to figure out how to get there, this will allow you to explore different ways to get where you want to go. Half the battle is knowing where you want to go. Check out different ways and who knows what you will learn, some option you didn’t know about may come up. When I decide to do something I tell everyone, it is amazing the information and resources that I learn about from people I never knew had experiences in the area I am interested in. I wish you the best of luck. It sounds like an amazing and fulfilling thing to do.

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