How to make an appointment.

This seems obvious to me but obviously it isn’t. So let me explain.

This is appointment making 101. When you call to make an appointment have your appointment book out. Do not call and then say “Oh let me go get my book” and then go off for five minutes to find your book! You should have your book before you call to ask for an appointment! Yes I have hung up on people.

Have a back up plan. Do not call and say I want an appointment for 3:05 on Thursday and then get upset when I tell you I can’t do that how about two or four? Or 3:05 on Friday? The more specific your needs the sooner you should call. Calling me on Wednesday for an appointment on Thursday might work, but probably not. Very busy or smart, organized people will make their next appointment before they leave.

If you want an evening appointment you are going to have to actually make an appointment. That means calling at four will not get you a color at six that day. Believe it or not I have a life. When I go to work in the morning I know when I am getting off in the evening. Hell I might even make plans with friends. I do have friends. I plan ahead, you should too.

It isn’t a bad idea to know when your stylist works either. I realize some stylists schedules change a lot but many of us work the same days on a regular basis. I haven’t worked on Wednesdays in eighteen years, yet I have clients that have been my clients for that long and still try to make appointments for Wednesdays, every time they make an appointment. I think they have some sort of amnesia, I quit telling them I don’t work on Wednesdays. I just tell them I don’t have any appointments on that day.

If I can’t fit you in when you want and you would like to be on my cancellation list you should probably give me a phone number that I can reach you at. One that you answer is a good idea, like your cellphone. If someone calls and cancels I am going to go down my cancellation list and the first person to answer is the one I am going to offer the appointment to. I will not leave messages unless I can’t get someone to take the appointment right away. And then if I leave a message the first person to call me back is the winner. So giving me a number that I can reach you at will increase your odds of getting in if I have a last minute cancellation.

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