Not a morning person

I do not like mornings, just not my thing.

This was confirmed today because I had to get up a the crack of freaking dawn today. I have felt kind of off all day. Too god damn early to be awake.

I saw the sunrise today! Yeah it was pretty but definitely not worth it. I shouldn’t see the sunrise until at least end of October. I mean if I want to see a sunrise I’ll wait until winter when the damn thing shows up at a reasonable time. What the hell is the big deal about sunrise it looks a freaking lot like a sunset and I see those all the time.

Speaking of mornings, what the hell is up with those morning people? How come they act all hoity toity? Like they are better than night people. Oh I’m a morning person I did 30 million things before the crack of O:30 today. Well la te fucking da, I’ll call you at midnight and ask you what you’ve accomplished in the past two hours, we’ll see who’s been getting things done at 1am!

Yeah I can do mornings, after two cups of coffee and a long shower. I don’t actually hate mornings, they just need to come at a reasonable time and don’t talk to me.

Yes, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Go away I haven’t had my coffee!

11 thoughts on “Not a morning person

  1. My morning starts at 2 pm. Unfortunately the weirdos running shit who insist on getting up early sometimes made demands on my sleep schedule-when this involves getting up in the Morning, morning, it messes me all up.
    Sometimes I go look at the sunrise before I go to bed most days. There is a difference between sunrise and sunset, you just have to see the sun coming up enough times to really tell.

    • I know there is a difference, but I’m usually to groggy to appreciate it much. It is unusual for me to see the sunrise in the summer/fall and I have to admit it was beautiful even if I was grumbling about being up at that time.

    • To which I say thank you. If everyone is quiet until I have my coffee and toast things go smoother, I had a friend once exclaim Your REALLY not a morning person are you? I wanted to throw something at her but instead I just gave her the stink eye and grunted.

  2. Morning person I may be, but I ain’t about to rub it in anyone’s face….Because lets face it… when I fall asleep as soon as the sun goes down…. yeah – who’s laughing then?

    • I know everyone has there own rhythms. I don’t mind morning people as long as they aren’t hassling me about being a night person, it isn’t like you have any control over it. I can do mornings but it has to be consistent and it requires effort, left to my own I naturally fall into an evening/night pattern.

  3. DS,
    I am also a morning person, and I will also achieve most of my work in the morning. But my wife is a night owl, and she will achieve as much during her prime as I do in the morning… To each his/her own, I say, even though morning peeps are just plain cooler.
    Le Clown

  4. I’m more of a night person, too. It kind of trips me up because it’ll be like, say, 9:00 p.m., and I’ll feel useless because I’ve got very little done. Then I have a mental peak until midnight. I mean, I can be practically falling asleep all day then suddenly be awake when it’s around that time at night. Perhaps graduate school messed up my circadian rhythm, lol. But I hate mornings, too.

    • I have always been a night person except when I had jobs that required me to be up early and then I would work to reset my sleeping cycle. It has been a long time since I have had to do that, I assume I could still do it, but left to my own devices I am awake at night. I force myself to go to bed about midnight so that I get enough sleep.

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