What is so damn funny?

I am about fed up with the inappropriate use of lol. That wasn’t funny. Did you really laugh out loud? You are either easily amused or mental or both.

I know everyone has their pet peeves about social networking/blogging/text messaging. And then there are all the other things that piss people me off. But using lol to respond to everything? Stop it! It is a good thing we are not in the same room because I just want to bitch slap you ~ Hard.

Emoticons can and often are overused. I know this gets to certain bloggers. I am often amazed at the damn things. Where exactly does one find a red-headed, cheering with pom-poms while bouncing around and sticking its tongue out at you emoticon? More importantly why would you go searching for such a thing in the first place. Oh and whatever you posted, I forgot. I was too busy staring at that thing trying to figure out what it was and what the hell you were trying to say by putting it in there. Maybe it would have been better if you had just put some thought into what you were saying instead of tearing around the internet to find that thing.

Next we can get to abbreviations, most often used in text messages but seeming to find themselves more and more often in other highly inappropriate places. This isn’t fucking bingo. You look like an idiot for using them, learn to speak/spell correctly or at least try. If you use too many of these I just won’t even attempt to read what you wrote and I know I’m not alone. It gives me a headache. You come across as immature and unintelligent, and I am going to completely ignore anything you have to say. If the idea is to make it easier and quicker to communicate, you failed.

Now everyone’s favorite the like button. It is obvious that it is here to stay, but every few weeks/months the “We want a dislike button” will make the rounds on Spacebook. Guess what? It isn’t going to happen. May not like the like button but that doesn’t mean it is going away. Hell it is showing up everywhere including here on WP. But really sometimes liking something does seem perverse. What is needed is a “I saw it, I read it and yes I’m paying attention to you” button. Then I can quit seeing those post that start with ~ lets see who is actually paying attention to me.…. Well now that I know that you are an pathetic attention whore I am going to hide you from my timeline. Thanks, and I just liked that, not.

Wow, I feel better. Amazing what emotional vomiting can do for a person. Not that this will last, come back soon, I’m sure I will be spewing again. And if you think this post is about you, it is.

Thnx don’t 4get 2 like me!! 🙂 ROTFLMAO 😕

All images stolen from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

15 thoughts on “What is so damn funny?

  1. okay, now I am totally afraid to hit the “like” button…. I mean I like and agree with what you have to say….

    I wouldn’t want to offend…. Okay, so maybe I would….

  2. I must agree with you. Far too many people use shortcuts in places where they’re just not . . . right. And Oh My Lanta!!! You’re gettin’ a BIG high five from me on the “Let’s see if anyone reads my posts” twaddle. It takes every ounce of control I can muster to not comment, “NO!! I don’t read your fuc*in’ posts. And THIS is why, you flaming fu*ktard!!!”

    Oh, and by the way . . . have I told you lately how much I love your blog? It makes me ROTFLMAO so much, and IMHO, it’s just the best.


  3. I hate LOL. I hate it so much, I only use it ironically during face to face conversations, usually when making fun of someone. So I’ll say something like “OMG, he was wearing cargo pants, totes over! LOL” but real life conversations are required for me to ever say it. Pretty much any abbreviations are sinister to me when texting, except: WTF, BTW, and bcs. I just hate typing out ‘because’ on my phone.

    Emoticons should be used sparingly. Like junk food/sugar consumption. Unfortunately this is ‘Merica and well, its obvious how people are with sweets… So there’s that.

    • I don’t mind the occasional abbreviation and if it is in a text message I understand but they are sneaking into everyday conversations. I just think they are overused and by some people more than others.

  4. I don’t hate lol as much as I do “haha.” For some reason, that sends me right over the edge. If you have to tell someone you’re joking, you probably need to hone your humor and tighten up those communication skills…

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