What have you been up to?

Well things are going to be hectic around here for a while!

I signed up for a pre-algebra class through my local community college. What was I thinking? It has been twenty-five years since I was in high school, ten since my last time in college and math was always my least favorite subject. Probably because it was the only one I ever really struggled in. I have decided to get over my fear of math.

It is an online class so hopefully I will have time to shoehorn it into my life. I did online classes before so I have some idea what I am getting into. That being said the format has changed some so I have been learning the new system I will be using. I also have lined up a local math tutor, did I mention I suck at math?

This is NOT me!

This should be fun. So with some trepidation I am getting ready to be frustrated and humiliated. No really, I am hoping that I will get it this time. That is why I am taking this class. I am going to try to understand it. I have always avoided or done just enough to get through any math requirements necessary. I am tired of feeling like I’m no good at math. This time I am starting at the ground and going to try to build a good base of knowledge so that when I actually take Algebra next semester it won’t be Greek to me.

It seemed like a good idea when I signed up.

So between working, biking and trying to get the house and yard ready for fall/winter I have been busy. I’ll be around here reading and commenting, between sessions of trying to fry my brain. I do love to be busy, but it is a fine line though between being busy and being over my head. I do better when I keep busy other wise I have a habit of procrastinating. Give me too much time and I will lollygag about until the last minute. Give me a lot to do and I am more likely to get organized and get it done so that I have time to lollygag!

11 thoughts on “What have you been up to?

    • It seemed like a good idea at the time! Now I am scared, but I am determined to do this. I hope this instructor/class is a good fit. I like my tutor. Hopeful this won’t be as bad as I fear. I am only taking this class and one other 1 credit class so that I will have the time to study and understand it this time around.

  1. Math is my LEAST favorite subject. I detested it all the way back to grade school – I hated word problems! I would always think, “Why can’t these farmers build their own damn fences!” I hope you enjoy the class and I bet you will get an A!

    • It was my least favorite too, maybe why I did so poorly in it. Word problems suck. If Suzy wants an apple, she can go get her own. And why are we always supposed to be giving shit to Suzy? What the hell is in if for me and maybe someone should be talking to CPS cause Suzy never seems to have any food of her own.

  2. Online classes are hard, in my opinion, because you’ve got to be totally self-disciplined. You pretty much do all the work on your own. Although I guess there are some places with other types of online classes where there are live chats and such. Is that what yours is like?

    Of course, the flip side is that you can be more flexible about fitting the work into your own time.

    • I have taken online classes before and have done really well. They worked for me because I was able to do the assignments at night and on weekends. I can be pretty disciplined so that isn’t a problem. There is a type of chat room available to talk in and ask questions. I am a bit concerned because I have struggled with math so I have found a local tutor that can work with my schedule and I will be meeting with him on a regular basis to make sure I understand the concepts. Fingers crossed!

  3. I hate math. Not to freak you out, but taking it online is really hard if you already don’t understand it. However, the new programs, MathXL, and MyMathLab are pretty good at showing you example problems and “help me solve this” options. I used MyMathLab last semester for College Algebra and I’m using MathXL for my current stats class. They both have a similar interface.

    A little tip, write down the ‘help me solve this’ or the ‘view an example’ because some of those same problems are on quizzes/tests.

    I like shortcuts, what can I say?

    • You didn’t freak me out more than I already am. I will check out those sites, thanks for the tip. I have a tutor to help me in case I need face to face time and he will give me a different perspective on it so hopefully it will work out. Also I’m not taking anything else so I will have the time to concentrate on this.

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