The good and the bad and some people are ugly

It has been one of those weeks. The kind where you are all over the place.

So where to start???

I am have survived my first week back in class again. It has even been not bad. OK ~ I’m only taking one class. But it is MATH! My arch-enemy, my greatest foe/fear. It is the first week, I know, but I am taking the good where I can get it this week.

The fact that I am not completely lost already ROCKS! I have been diligently plugging away at my homework every night and doing the section quizzes and all that jazz. Which by the way I do not get credit for, this class is only graded on the exams at the end of each chapter. Luckily I don’t usually have test anxiety like some people do. I mean I am nervous but not to the point where I can’t take a test. When I have to take a test I figure I know it or I don’t and just do the best I can.

Since I am taking an online class and there is some flexibilty in when you take the exams. I only get one chance at each graded exam and it is timed. So I psyched myself up and sat down to take the exam tonight, only to find out I can’t get into it until tomorrow. The fact is I was ready and I will still be ready when it opens up tomorrow. Hope I do well, I am pretty sure I will.

The bad is work has been weird, money is tight and I am in the middle of re-financing the house. So the stress level around here is up. I just want to get through the next few weeks without some major catastrophe in the money department.

So I bought a new bike. Yeah like that makes a lot of damn sense! Call it retail therapy. It isn’t a new bike but a new to me bike. It is fast! Whooo-hoo!

I have been riding a nice little cruiser/hybrid bike for the last two years. It is a good bike and great for running errands and getting around. But I have been pushing myself lately and it just hasn’t been keeping up with me. So I bought a road bike. I got it today and went out and just rode the shit out of it. It is a totally different ride, what a blast but it is a totally different type of ride and now my ass and the webbing on my hands are sore. It is going to take some getting used to. My butt is sore! Harder seat, no suspension, small narrow tires, well I will get used to it, actually I was surprised I didn’t crash. It was fun, but it is very different from the way I have been riding. Think truck verses sports car, I am going to have to be careful!

It feels great to haul butt. I figure justified it helps with the stress. So now I own two bikes. I will have to keep myself motivated to ride this winter.

Oh and the ugly? Well a few people might just end up ugly if they mess with my schedule again this coming week. *sigh*

So that is my week. Oh I almost forgot, well maybe didn’t exactly forget so much as tried to forget. There is was a man I liked, he works at one of the local hardware stores. I always got the impression he was attracted to me. Anyways, he was helping me last week and I noticed, yeah I looked, that he didn’t have a ring on. So I got the courage up and asked “Are you single?” He chuckled and said “No, not at the moment.” Well damn! But he at least he didn’t get uncomfortable after that; he continued to help me and chatted. It is a good thing because I have to go in there a lot to get stuff and that would have been awkward if things had gotten strained. Hell maybe he is just really nice to everyone and I just misread him. *sigh* Guess I’ll just go ride my bike…

14 thoughts on “The good and the bad and some people are ugly

  1. Meant to comment on your initial post regarding your “Back To School” adventure. Somehow ( obviously ), didn’t do that.
    Now that I am . . . I applaud/admire/love your courage in tackling this . . . especially a subject that is admittedly one of your most nefarious adversaries.
    While we’ve only somewhat recently reconnected, I remember quite well the Kimberly I used to know . . . and I know she’s still alive and quite well, and that you’ll kick the living stuffing out of this. That’s just how you roll.

    And major kudos for treating yourself to the new bike. You’ve obviously outgrown the first one, and this is a perfect time to introduce yourself ( read hands/butt/stamina/etc. ) to the new one. A nice “getting to know you” over the Autumn/Winter, and come next spring . . . you’ll be riding over here to visit me. Well, maybe not, but . . . you will be able to, ’cause . . . that’s how you’ll roll.

    Finally, another nod to you and your courage . . . maybe the hardware store guy didn’t work out the way you planned ( that is, if there was a plan to begin with . . . in these endeavors, planning is usually not part of the . . . plan ) . . . but oh, yes . . . I can see/hear/feel the, “HELL YEAH!!!” inside you right now, the knowing that you DID IT, and that it didn’t kill you.

    As I write this, an old George Lopez episode is playing in the background . . . and one of his best catch phrases SO makes me think of you, Kim . . . ” I Got This!!! “.
    You do . . . you always have . . . and I know you always will.

    • Ah thank you Richard! I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to ride in the city traffic. I have gotten slightyly smarter with age! But yeah I think the new bike will be good, here is hoping we don’t have an awful winter so I can ride.

  2. Well, damn girl!
    I too have made it through the first week…. (YAY for surviving online school)
    I bought something this week too (although not a mode of transportation)… I have to do a lot of reading for one of my classes as there is no text book. The professor just posts articles, you know loooooong ones. I suck at the whole reading and retaining anything I cannot put my hands on and mark up with notes…SO, i went out and bought myself a wireless network laser printer… (I cannot stand waiting 10 hours for the inkjet that I have to spit out a page AND I hate having to plug the laptop into the printer… fuck that)

    Here’s to surviving our classes and keeping what little sanity we have left! 🙂

    • I am with you and print out all my reading, I just seem to retain it better if I read it on paper. Don’t forget to get extra ink, there is nothing worse than running out in the middle of a long article you have to get read!
      I have been following you back to school adventures and can sympathize with the trying to get back into student mode.

  3. Yeah, you seem like someone with grit and toughness – I think you will manage the math class just fine…in fact, I’m betting you surprise yourself with how well you are going to do because you are taking it serious. I love being outside – but I stink with a bike! I’d crash and burn and probably break something (I’m an uncoordinated clutz!)

    • Oh I am a major clutz too! The biking is to try to help with that. It has helped some but I still have a long way to go! This new bike makes me a little nervous but I plan to stick to big shoulders and paths until I am more comfortable. Because going faster also means crashing faster!
      I am surprised at how well math is going and I hope I can continue to “get it”.

  4. Sounds like you are hanging in there pretty well! Show that math class who’s boss!
    Congrats on the new bike! There is nothing like retail therapy. In fact, I think I need… oops, want… some of that myself. And good for you for working up the nerve to make a move with someone who interests you. Maybe I read too much into things (okay, I do), but “No, not at the moment” is not as closed off as a simple, “No.” “…not at the moment” just seems so temporary! Ha!

    • The bike is fun! The math isn’t as bad as I feared, yet. I am trying to do things that take me out of my comfort zone, so far the experiences have been all right.
      I am glad I asked him and his awnser did seem better than just no, but I don’t persue men that aren’t available so until I am told differently he isn’t on my list. And that is too bad because I don’t have a very long list, the older I get the pickier I become, I am just not very often attracted to anyone enough to even ask. I am glad I did though.

    • I bought a used Trek frame with mid-range Shimano components. I got a deal from the local bike shop; the owner’s daughter outgrew it. I am pretty short so there aren’t a lot of frames that fit me. I am really enjoying it, my mind and my legs are loving it but my butt and my hands are still getting used to the different riding position. I will probably make a few more tweaks to it but I am starting to get used to it. Haven’t crashed yet!

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