On a tangent

I was thinking about something, occasionally I do do that, and it occurred to me that sow stands for stupid old woman.

Now I feel like such a sow. How did I not know this? All these years when someone called a woman a sow I thought they were referring to a female pig. What else have I been missing?

Does cow mean crazy old woman? So does that make me a scow? According to Merriam-Webster it means a large flat-bottomed boat with broad square ends used chiefly for transporting bulk material (as ore, sand, or refuse). I think I’d rather be a stupid, crazy old woman. And also according to M-W more people have been looking this word up in the last week, maybe I’m not the only one that didn’t know these things. And what the hell were those people thinking about that made them look this word up?

This is how my brain entertains itself when it should be concentrating on algebra  homework.


My brain is going to explode.

So I am surviving my math class,but questioning my sanity.

I am always questioning my sanity but actually I have done pretty well, so far. I surprised myself on how well I did on the last exam. But as my instructor so helpfully posted most people have the most trouble with this next section. Sigh. He even backed it up with a chart on how much the last three semesters classes exam scores dropped for this particular section. Uh thanks dude, that is encouraging!

Nice logo for a university.

So I haven’t posted anything in the last week. I have been spending all my spare time either studying, exercising or relaxing. I got my priorities straight. Make it through this week and I should be good. But I have been dropping in and reading, thank you wonderful bloggers!

It is a transition time with the weather changing going to crap and I have to be diligent on keeping up my exercise routine. With the days getting shorter, cold, wet and windy it can be easy to use that excuse to not get out and bike, walk or run. Not a good thing for me, I get cranky and lethargic. It might be simpler if I liked to exercise in a gym but I have never been able to do that. I’d rather be outside than stuck in a gym staring at a wall or god forbid some TV screen! I do lift weights at home in the winter if I can’t get out, but my preferred method of de-stressing is aerobic exercise.

So I will be back with some snarky comments about my clients and life in general soon. Actually my clients have been pretty good lately, think the weather may be keeping them quiet too. But I know we will be building up to the ~ oh my god it is the holidays and you just have to get me in now! Of course I haven’t called or made an appointment and waited until the last minute. Uh yeah, this is my problem how? Your lack of planning isn’t my crisis and yeah those holidays just appear out of no where. But on an up note I will be getting some really good cookies (and pumpkin bread~Ellen) soon! I have some killer bakers in my stable of clients.

Old before her time

Sometimes my job brings me into contact with some amazing people; people I would have never known about.

I met a young woman this month that completely amazed me. She will be seventeen tomorrow but she is much more mature than most adults. She is funny, smart and has a good attitude. She may be young and still has a lot of questions about life but she has a lot more answers than most kids her age.

From talking to her I found out that she has a job, goes to the alternative high school program so that she can work. She is living here with her mother and is an only child. Her parents recently divorced and it was nasty.

She pays half the rent and her own expenses with the wages from her job. The divorce left her mother financially and emotionally drained. This young woman is taking care of herself and her mom. Basically she is an adult even though legally she is still a minor.

She would like to get her GED but it requires her mothers signature to do so. It isn’t that this girl doesn’t want to go to school but right now she just wants to work. She has too much on her plate for someone so young. She just wants to only have one job (two if you count taking care of her mother) for a while, while she figures out what she wants to do with her life. Working and going to school is exhausting her. The irony is she needs the signature of the person she is taking care of to get her GED. I am not saying anything against her mother. Actually I feel sorry for what her mother has gone through, it sounds like it was a really bad divorce, they lost their house and had to move.

I also learned that tomorrow is this girl’s birthday. She has to work and doesn’t really have anything planned to celebrate it. She is still new to the area and doesn’t have many friends yet.

I am a firm believer that everyone should have cake for their birthday. I spent too many birthdays making my own damn cake. There were quite a few things about this girl’s story that reminded me of my childhood. I remember what it was like to not have anyone celebrate my birthday.

So tomorrow I am going to take her a cupcake. Everyone deserves cake on their birthday. This girl deserves a whole lot more but at least I can make sure she gets a birthday cake.


Chasing chickens

Since I posted about needing to ride more, I have been.

I realised that I really needed to make the most of the time. The days are already getting shorter and soon it will start raining a lot and I just won’t be riding much. I am a fair weather biker and I’m wasting what little summer/fall we have left. Not only have I been able to get quite a bit of riding in but I spent money I don’t have bought a road bike. Unbelievably I am still waiting for it to start raining, it is the Pacific Northwest and it still isn’t raining! Yes it rains here all the time, don’t move here.

I live in a fairly rural area so most of my biking is out in the country and that has some advantages and disadvantages. Being chased by rabid chihuahuas is one disadvantage.

One of the nice things about riding around here is the traffic is minimal. I don’t even have to  deal with a single stop light unless I ride into town. Most of the time I head out into the valley and I am riding through fields. I get to meander along and look at cows, horses, farm land and hay fields. Pretty sweet riding. I don’t even have to pay much attention to the road.

Get outta my way!

But there are some downsides. The good ole boys hooting and hollering at you as they drive by in their jacked up pickup trucks. The fields literally smell like shit at certain times of the year. I occasionally get a real close look at road-kill. Think it is sad to have to drive by a dead animal, try riding a bike around one. Trying to avoid running over your neighbors chickens is a problem too. Don’t want to add to the road kill and all those feathers mess up your derailleurs.

I have succeeded in riding more and now with a second bike I am thinking I might have to rethink my reluctance to ride in the rain. It isn’t like I don’t have rain gear, and I did spend money to get a faster bike. Of course that also means I can crash at a higher speed too! So far I have only scared the shit out of myself and haven’t really crashed. I don’t count that time I came to a stop and wasn’t able to get my foot out of the toe cage and did this cartoonish slow motion fall to the side. Luckily it was just mortifyingly embarrassing not actually physically painful.

On another note, I finally did well on a math exam. Surprised the hell out of myself. Thank goodness I was beginning to think I was never going to get it. Negative numbers are my downfall. I just can’t seem to remember to add the negative sign when I write the answer, some sort of mental block. I really am visual and I just can’t seem to see things that aren’t there. I know someone explained it to me like having overdrawn your checking account, but that isn’t a negative number to me, that is a stinking outrageous fee for having them pull money out of another account to cover the check!


I know it is fall when I put the flannel sheets on.

I love to sleep and I always have. The older I have gotten the more precious and necessary sleep has become, ironically it has also become a bit more elusive. But that isn’t exactly what this post is about.

Fresh flannel sheets, so that means must be fall.

This is my bed.

Exactly what the hell is that? Well that is two feather beds, a down comforter, four regular down pillows, two with satin pillowcases for my delicate skin and two king sized sized pillows. I call it my nest.

How I ended up like this is something of a sleeping evolution. At one time I did sleep on a very hard futon but over the years I started to enjoy a bit of luxury and now my bed is actually taller than it is wide. A modern day princess and the pea kind of.

The whole love affair with down is my mothers fault. Thank god I’m not allergic, it would cost me a fortune to recreate this bed with one of those hypoallergenic ilk. My mother raised us in cold, drafty, old, Victorian houses; a down comforter was the bare minimum needed to not get hypothermia at night. I am so infatuated with down that I even have what they refer to as a tropical weight down comforter for the summer. I hate sleeping with regular blankets. Down comforters settle around you, it is like being hugged by your blankets.

I love down pillows because you can smoosh them, pile them on top of each other, fold them in half, bury your face in them to hide from the light, squish them to create support for your neck no matter how you sleep, and they are great at blocking out the sound of the neighbor’s loud car. I have four pillows for my head, of two different types of fill so that I can arrange them depending on my sleeping position. I also have two large king sized pillows that I put on either side of me. I use these to prop up my arm or leg when I am side sleeping, they help keep me from twisting or torquing my back. I also pull them tight up against my back, it is comforting, like having a sleeping partner but one that doesn’t snore, fart, steal the covers or whine when you kick them or throw them out of bed.

Obviously I have a love affair going on with down. And then came the feather bed about fifteen years ago. It was like sleeping on a cloud. When I climb into bed I sink into heaven. It really is like sleeping in my own little nest. I settle into the feather bed and the comforter envelopes me, it is my own little slice of paradise. And people wonder why I hate mornings? Because I don’t want to get out of bed!

So how did I end up with two feather beds? Well after about five years the original one started to get a bit less fluffy in the middle. Being as it was baffled, the feathers in the center had stated to break down. So I fixed this by buying an un-baffled one and “filling it in”. It was akin to sleeping in the middle of a warm jelly doughnut! I have since replaced both but I loved that extra softness of falling into a pile of feather that I still have two.

This is how I sleep. No wonder I sleep alone, there is no room in my bed for another person. Actually I don’t really like “sleeping” with someone else, I have got this down (yeah bad pun intended) to a science and I don’t like sharing, it just messes up my whole system. Then there is my whole I don’t want to talk to you in the morning thing.

Everyone has got their own nighttime rituals, mine are just a little lot more OCD than most. And this is just the beginning, I haven’t even gotten to types of sheet, satin pillowcases, proper care and fluffing, room temperature….

flu shot, check.

I get flu shot. This year I am late in getting around to it. Where did September go?

So it is my own fault for not doing this sooner. So I am running around trying to get this done before I am exposed by my lovely clients that will come in to the shop dying, sick because they just have to get their hair done. Even though they are going back home to go back to bed because they feel so horrible. Yes that has actually happened. If you are so sick you are staying in bed, who exactly is going to see you that you need to have your hair done? Thank-you for trying to infect me and anyone else that may be coming into my shop that day!

So why are pharmacies and grocery stores putting up these signs saying “Come in today and get your flu shot. Just ask our pharmacy about it.” if they aren’t giving flu shots today? Oh we don’t do that on the weekends. OK then why does your sign say come in today? Oh come back Tues between noon and three. Ah, I have a job? Do you only give shots to people who don’t work? I still don’t understand why there are signs all over the place saying get a flu shot today?!

Anyways got my flu shot. Found a place that does give them to people with jobs. Now I have got to find time to get the tdap, since I live in one of the areas that doesn’t believe in vaccinating their children. We have one of the highest rates of whooping cough in the country. I have a very long rant about people who don’t want to vaccinate their kids because they would rather have them get sick or die of something preventable because it is more natural.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Pizza is a cure-all

Pizza fixes everything, right? I got a 85% on my second math exam, and that depressed me.

What is driving me nuts is while I know what my score is I can’t see which questions I missed. The prof has to officially grade it before I can see which ones I got wrong but since this is an online course I am told immediately what my grade is. Both a good and bad thing for someone like me.

Yeah maybe I should be happy but this shit was pretty simple stuff and I should have done better. Yes I am self-competitive. It is driving me a bit crazy wondering what did I screw up and it is making me a bit apprehensive that I missed so many because this is only the beginning and I have a long way to go.

So I did what any good college student does after finishing an exam. I ordered pizza. God I love pizza and normally I don’t get it very often because I have no self control where it is concerned. I haven’t eaten the whole thing – yet. I am attempting to hold off just devouring it like a half-starved hyena. But there won’t be any left over for breakfast, lets put it that way. Nom-nom-nom.

http://whatscookingamerica.netLocal place makes great pizza. They don’t deliver but that is probably a good thing and they are only three minutes away anyways. Sausage, olives and garlic is my chosen cure-all, what’s your fav?

Snagged this photo from whatscookingamerica.net