Oh Hell NO!

When I fire you, you stay fired.

I got a phone message last night from another hairdresser. It went ~ I am calling you at the request of Ms. Batshit Crazy Client from Hell that you fired four years ago. I know that you are a professional but if you need her color formula or anything feel free to contact me. Another hairstylist phone number ###_####.

I am thinking what the hell is this woman talking about. I fired that client years ago and there is no way I am ever working on her again. Ms.BSCC drove me insane, she was the rudest, uncouth, nastiest, cheapskate woman I ever want to deal with. She would constantly complain about the cost of everything including the cost of getting her hair done. And then in the next breath be talking about the her vacation to Paris, or the new car she was getting. She would always say, as if it were some threat, that if I ever raised my prices she would have to leave me. She never tipped me, but at Christmas would give me some useless, cheap piece of plastic thing from the dollar store and make a big to do about it.

Let me tell you some of the classy things she would do. Often she would get something from the bakery next store before she would come in. While I would be doing her hair she would eat her pastry and I have never seen anyone make such a mess. She would talk with food in her mouth, often spitting bits out while she was talking. There would be crumbs all over the cape, when she was done she would just flip the cape and throw all the crumbs on the floor. Not bat an eye, just fling her mess on the floor for me to clean up.

One day she came into my salon and she had stepped in dog shit, she was tracking it all over the salon. I realise what is happening and say Ms. BSCC I think you stepped in something and are getting it on my floor. She looks at her shoe, walks over to the styling chair, sits down and starts on a diatribe about how rude people are for not picking up after their dogs. She continues to complain about other people and their animals while watching me clean dog shit off the floor. She doesn’t apologise or offer to help me. I am on my hands and knees wiping dog shit off the floor, when I get close to where she is sitting she sticks her foot in my face. Seriously, she jams her dog shit covered shoe in my face. She expects me to clean her shoe off too! I handed her a paper towel, and said ” You can clean your shoes off with this”.

Well needless to say a business can’t go on forever without raising their prices. The cost of everything goes up and eventually you have to raise your prices or you start to lose money. The day came when I needed to raise my prices. Most of my clients I just told them the next time they came in my prices were going to be $XX.xx, and they were fine with it. I don’t raise my prices often and it doesn’t come as a shock to anyone when I do.

But Ms. BSCC was a different story, I knew she would have a shit fit and make a big scene. I also knew this was my chance to get rid of her. So I didn’t tell her but right after her last appointment I sent her a letter. The letter said ~ That unfortunately I had to raise my prices and that I knew she could no longer afford to see me since she had made that very clear. So I was cancelling her next appointment for her and had included a copy of her color formula to make the transition to her next stylist easier. I hoped that she could find someone that fit in her budget. 

She actually called and complained to me about raising my prices. I hadn’t raised my prices in five years, most of my clients told me they thought I should have done it sooner. Ms. BSCC was trying to get me to keep my price the same at least for her. I told her no my new price was for everyone, including her. Then she asked me for recommendations for another stylist that was cheaper. I honestly thought I can’t do that to my worst enemy. I told her I didn’t know who to recommend because I don’t keep track of what other stylists charge, a bit of a fib but again I wouldn’t send her to my worst enemy.

I did end up talking to the other stylist because she called me again. I told her I had fired Ms. BSCC client and had not heard from her and would not be taking her back if she did call. The other stylist told me that Ms. BSCC had had a melt down in her shop and been asked to leave. And then had come in a few days later and demanded that the other stylist send her formula to Kimberly. The other hair dresser had assumed that she meant me. We talked traded stories about Ms. BSCC, seems like she has gotten even worse since I did her. If she calls me I will have no problem telling her I will not be doing her hair, for any price.


10 thoughts on “Oh Hell NO!

    • I always have one special client. No matter what I do there is always one but this one was one of the worst. And I know it isn’t her fault but she also had one of those nasally, east coast voices, that made it particularly had to tune her out!

  1. Bless your heart! I truly cannot stand entitled, self-absorbed people like you describe her as! She doesn’t sound like she is worth the time or aggravation! (good firing!)

  2. It’s interesting that there are people who provoke conflict wherever they go. In a primitive setting they’d probably be sacrificed to something, or told to take the front position on the bear hunt.

      • If I remember the proverb correctly, it is: “May you live interesting times.” At least that’s a translation of it that I have heard/read. Somewhat related to the Jewish proverb which is: “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.” Or as my Dad has told me: “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.”

        As for the praise, it is worthy praise.

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