Pizza is a cure-all

Pizza fixes everything, right? I got a 85% on my second math exam, and that depressed me.

What is driving me nuts is while I know what my score is I can’t see which questions I missed. The prof has to officially grade it before I can see which ones I got wrong but since this is an online course I am told immediately what my grade is. Both a good and bad thing for someone like me.

Yeah maybe I should be happy but this shit was pretty simple stuff and I should have done better. Yes I am self-competitive. It is driving me a bit crazy wondering what did I screw up and it is making me a bit apprehensive that I missed so many because this is only the beginning and I have a long way to go.

So I did what any good college student does after finishing an exam. I ordered pizza. God I love pizza and normally I don’t get it very often because I have no self control where it is concerned. I haven’t eaten the whole thing – yet. I am attempting to hold off just devouring it like a half-starved hyena. But there won’t be any left over for breakfast, lets put it that way. Nom-nom-nom.

http://whatscookingamerica.netLocal place makes great pizza. They don’t deliver but that is probably a good thing and they are only three minutes away anyways. Sausage, olives and garlic is my chosen cure-all, what’s your fav?

Snagged this photo from

8 thoughts on “Pizza is a cure-all

  1. OMG! that pic of pizza is making me hungry – and its only 730am here….
    My favorite pizza has to be gluten free crust (against the grain) with hamburger, fresh basil and garlic. The crust isn’t as big as a normal sized pizza, and there are only 8 slices – so I finish it by breakfast (if I order it for dinner)….

    Pizza fixes EVERYTHING.

    And congrats on the 85 – that is damned good for a self-proclaimed “i am not good at math” person. Seriously!

    • Yeah the pizza is gone, it didn’t make it to breakfast! My score would be fine if this hadn’t been basically review and I thought I had it down cold. So now I am obsessing over what I missed, and I can’t see the actual exam until the instructor officiates them.

  2. I wish I was eating pizza while reading this post! mmm…(I like supreme)…and I think 85% is a pretty good score!

    • I just want to know which problems I missed. When I sat to take the exam I thought I did better, it is a little disheartening. But the pizza helped! Hard to think about a math test when I’m laying on the couch thinking Argh I ate too much!

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