flu shot, check.

I get flu shot. This year I am late in getting around to it. Where did September go?

So it is my own fault for not doing this sooner. So I am running around trying to get this done before I am exposed by my lovely clients that will come in to the shop dying, sick because they just have to get their hair done. Even though they are going back home to go back to bed because they feel so horrible. Yes that has actually happened. If you are so sick you are staying in bed, who exactly is going to see you that you need to have your hair done? Thank-you for trying to infect me and anyone else that may be coming into my shop that day!

So why are pharmacies and grocery stores putting up these signs saying “Come in today and get your flu shot. Just ask our pharmacy about it.” if they aren’t giving flu shots today? Oh we don’t do that on the weekends. OK then why does your sign say come in today? Oh come back Tues between noon and three. Ah, I have a job? Do you only give shots to people who don’t work? I still don’t understand why there are signs all over the place saying get a flu shot today?!

Anyways got my flu shot. Found a place that does give them to people with jobs. Now I have got to find time to get the tdap, since I live in one of the areas that doesn’t believe in vaccinating their children. We have one of the highest rates of whooping cough in the country. I have a very long rant about people who don’t want to vaccinate their kids because they would rather have them get sick or die of something preventable because it is more natural.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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