I know it is fall when I put the flannel sheets on.

I love to sleep and I always have. The older I have gotten the more precious and necessary sleep has become, ironically it has also become a bit more elusive. But that isn’t exactly what this post is about.

Fresh flannel sheets, so that means must be fall.

This is my bed.

Exactly what the hell is that? Well that is two feather beds, a down comforter, four regular down pillows, two with satin pillowcases for my delicate skin and two king sized sized pillows. I call it my nest.

How I ended up like this is something of a sleeping evolution. At one time I did sleep on a very hard futon but over the years I started to enjoy a bit of luxury and now my bed is actually taller than it is wide. A modern day princess and the pea kind of.

The whole love affair with down is my mothers fault. Thank god I’m not allergic, it would cost me a fortune to recreate this bed with one of those hypoallergenic ilk. My mother raised us in cold, drafty, old, Victorian houses; a down comforter was the bare minimum needed to not get hypothermia at night. I am so infatuated with down that I even have what they refer to as a tropical weight down comforter for the summer. I hate sleeping with regular blankets. Down comforters settle around you, it is like being hugged by your blankets.

I love down pillows because you can smoosh them, pile them on top of each other, fold them in half, bury your face in them to hide from the light, squish them to create support for your neck no matter how you sleep, and they are great at blocking out the sound of the neighbor’s loud car. I have four pillows for my head, of two different types of fill so that I can arrange them depending on my sleeping position. I also have two large king sized pillows that I put on either side of me. I use these to prop up my arm or leg when I am side sleeping, they help keep me from twisting or torquing my back. I also pull them tight up against my back, it is comforting, like having a sleeping partner but one that doesn’t snore, fart, steal the covers or whine when you kick them or throw them out of bed.

Obviously I have a love affair going on with down. And then came the feather bed about fifteen years ago. It was like sleeping on a cloud. When I climb into bed I sink into heaven. It really is like sleeping in my own little nest. I settle into the feather bed and the comforter envelopes me, it is my own little slice of paradise. And people wonder why I hate mornings? Because I don’t want to get out of bed!

So how did I end up with two feather beds? Well after about five years the original one started to get a bit less fluffy in the middle. Being as it was baffled, the feathers in the center had stated to break down. So I fixed this by buying an un-baffled one and “filling it in”. It was akin to sleeping in the middle of a warm jelly doughnut! I have since replaced both but I loved that extra softness of falling into a pile of feather that I still have two.

This is how I sleep. No wonder I sleep alone, there is no room in my bed for another person. Actually I don’t really like “sleeping” with someone else, I have got this down (yeah bad pun intended) to a science and I don’t like sharing, it just messes up my whole system. Then there is my whole I don’t want to talk to you in the morning thing.

Everyone has got their own nighttime rituals, mine are just a little lot more OCD than most. And this is just the beginning, I haven’t even gotten to types of sheet, satin pillowcases, proper care and fluffing, room temperature….


6 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. A few months ago, I bought some down pillows because I heard they were nice. I don’t know how, but now the down keeps periodically slipping out. So my one down experience hasn’t been so great, lol.

    • I use pillow case covers for my pillows and highly recommend them. Zippered cases that retail for about $10 for a pair and then put the pillow cases over them. Keeps the feathers from migrating out of the pillows. Thread count is important with down but often is given on pillows. The stiffer the pillow and the higher the loft then the higher the percentage of feathers to down, which isn’t a bad thing. I have to loftier pillows for side sleeping but it does mean they are more likely to shed. I also like to periodically wash the inner casing too and it does help keep the pillow clean. I never dry clean my down, most down can be washed now days but it can take forever to get it dry and you have to worry about clumping. I just put my pillows in a hot dryer to fluff and clean and then lay them out in the sun to further freshen them.

  2. People think I’m bad with my bed. I like very firm sleeping surfaces, with a little softness. So when I bought my new bed last year, I got an extra firm one. If I still lived in Utah, I would have gotten a feather bed, but San Diego doesn’t get too cold so I bought a ‘big bump’ foam mattress topper. With 4 head pillows and 2 king size pillows that ‘frame’ me when sleeping.

    I do need to buy a new down comforter. They are the best! I don’t use flannel sheets though, as its not needed in Southern California. But I do have a quilted blanket with wool on one side and a soft micro-velvet (or something) on the other. Best $50 I ever spent.

    I will never understand people who sleep on futons or air mattresses. They are insane, and must love pain.

    • I completely get it! I just don’t understand people that have old uncomfortable beds, this is where we go to recharge and rest. If you don’t get a good nights sleep how can you have a good day?

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