Chasing chickens

Since I posted about needing to ride more, I have been.

I realised that I really needed to make the most of the time. The days are already getting shorter and soon it will start raining a lot and I just won’t be riding much. I am a fair weather biker and I’m wasting what little summer/fall we have left. Not only have I been able to get quite a bit of riding in but I spent money I don’t have bought a road bike. Unbelievably I am still waiting for it to start raining, it is the Pacific Northwest and it still isn’t raining! Yes it rains here all the time, don’t move here.

I live in a fairly rural area so most of my biking is out in the country and that has some advantages and disadvantages. Being chased by rabid chihuahuas is one disadvantage.

One of the nice things about riding around here is the traffic is minimal. I don’t even have to  deal with a single stop light unless I ride into town. Most of the time I head out into the valley and I am riding through fields. I get to meander along and look at cows, horses, farm land and hay fields. Pretty sweet riding. I don’t even have to pay much attention to the road.

Get outta my way!

But there are some downsides. The good ole boys hooting and hollering at you as they drive by in their jacked up pickup trucks. The fields literally smell like shit at certain times of the year. I occasionally get a real close look at road-kill. Think it is sad to have to drive by a dead animal, try riding a bike around one. Trying to avoid running over your neighbors chickens is a problem too. Don’t want to add to the road kill and all those feathers mess up your derailleurs.

I have succeeded in riding more and now with a second bike I am thinking I might have to rethink my reluctance to ride in the rain. It isn’t like I don’t have rain gear, and I did spend money to get a faster bike. Of course that also means I can crash at a higher speed too! So far I have only scared the shit out of myself and haven’t really crashed. I don’t count that time I came to a stop and wasn’t able to get my foot out of the toe cage and did this cartoonish slow motion fall to the side. Luckily it was just mortifyingly embarrassing not actually physically painful.

On another note, I finally did well on a math exam. Surprised the hell out of myself. Thank goodness I was beginning to think I was never going to get it. Negative numbers are my downfall. I just can’t seem to remember to add the negative sign when I write the answer, some sort of mental block. I really am visual and I just can’t seem to see things that aren’t there. I know someone explained it to me like having overdrawn your checking account, but that isn’t a negative number to me, that is a stinking outrageous fee for having them pull money out of another account to cover the check!

10 thoughts on “Chasing chickens

  1. Negative numbers would always get me as well.

    I don’t like riding in the rain, not because I don’t trust myself on my bike, but because people are incredibly bad drivers when its raining. I guess if you are in the PNW then the people there are already experienced with it, so it shouldn’t be so much of an issue.

    That chihuahua story is great, those little shits are fast.

    • That dog was at least in part the reason I decided I needed a faster bike!
      The drivers that scare me are the ones on their phones and weaving all over the road. I just try not to think about it and I try to be very visible when riding. Flashing lights and screaming yellow jacket.

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