My brain is going to explode.

So I am surviving my math class,but questioning my sanity.

I am always questioning my sanity but actually I have done pretty well, so far. I surprised myself on how well I did on the last exam. But as my instructor so helpfully posted most people have the most trouble with this next section. Sigh. He even backed it up with a chart on how much the last three semesters classes exam scores dropped for this particular section. Uh thanks dude, that is encouraging!

Nice logo for a university.

So I haven’t posted anything in the last week. I have been spending all my spare time either studying, exercising or relaxing. I got my priorities straight. Make it through this week and I should be good. But I have been dropping in and reading, thank you wonderful bloggers!

It is a transition time with the weather changing going to crap and I have to be diligent on keeping up my exercise routine. With the days getting shorter, cold, wet and windy it can be easy to use that excuse to not get out and bike, walk or run. Not a good thing for me, I get cranky and lethargic. It might be simpler if I liked to exercise in a gym but I have never been able to do that. I’d rather be outside than stuck in a gym staring at a wall or god forbid some TV screen! I do lift weights at home in the winter if I can’t get out, but my preferred method of de-stressing is aerobic exercise.

So I will be back with some snarky comments about my clients and life in general soon. Actually my clients have been pretty good lately, think the weather may be keeping them quiet too. But I know we will be building up to the ~ oh my god it is the holidays and you just have to get me in now! Of course I haven’t called or made an appointment and waited until the last minute. Uh yeah, this is my problem how? Your lack of planning isn’t my crisis and yeah those holidays just appear out of no where. But on an up note I will be getting some really good cookies (and pumpkin bread~Ellen) soon! I have some killer bakers in my stable of clients.


10 thoughts on “My brain is going to explode.

  1. Maybe it’s not encouraging, but perhaps showing you the past three semesters’ scores is a good warning to whoever’s becoming complacent. Also, the high here is 88 degrees. I kid you not. Wtf? Luckily, it’ll go down tomorrow. Gotta love crazy weather.

    • I know he is being helpful, I don’t think anyone in my class is becoming complacent. We all seemed to be here because we know we missed something and are trying to “get math”.
      88? I don’t think it even got that warm here this summer. Not complaining though! Summer was late for us and then it is like we skipped fall and slide right into winter like weather. Everyone is in shock, but we will get used to it. If grey and damp isn’t your thing then the PNW is not a place you want to be in the winter. One of the good things about exercising outside is you have to keep up a good pace or you’ll freeze!

  2. Oh gosh, it’s in the middle of October and it was 85 degrees today, here in the south – I’m so ready for the cooler weather! I don’t much care for pumpkin, but I actually really like home-made pumpkin bread! (I’m ready for some chick n dressing, too!) I’m still betting you will do great on the math course!

    • I’m not a pumpkin pie or latte, god we have pumpkin spiced lattes everywhere here, but I love my client’s pumpkin chocolate chip bread! Warm it up to melt the chocolate with a dab a butter and I am in heaven.

    • Yes it is hard for me. That’s why I’m doing it, the old use it or lose it thing is supposed to apply to the brain too. And goodness knows I can’t afford to lose the few brain cells that I have!

  3. I used to work for an online Christian bookshop and people would always ring up on the last minute for things like Advent Candles (phone call comes in at half past 5 the Friday evening before Advent Sunday) or would blame us for upsetting their children’s Christmas when the item that they ordered which clearly said out of stock on it hasn’t been sent to them. When it comes to things like holidays and deadlines, people sadly seem to forget all reason and logic…

    Mathematics is one of those subjects that has to be taught in the right way for people to understand it. A good maths (as we call it in England) teacher will understand this and will try to show several methods of doing stuff. Maybe what this chap has done is to tell you how badly previous classes have done in the hope it’ll spur you on to be the group that changes the tendency?

    • I think he was trying to let us know how difficult these two chapters are, up until now it hasn’t been horrible. I did OK on the first one but I am struggling a bit to get this one to stick in my brain. And I know some of my classmates really breezed through the first few weeks. The upside was the chart showed that all the classes did rebound after these two chapters so there is light at the end of the tunnel! Luckily I have had the time this week to keep going over it and I will just do the best I can on the exam.

  4. Darling you want to be careful questioning your sanity because when I told a doctor I felt like I was going mad he said “oh yes that’s because you have schizoaffective disorder”!!

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